Fairphone 3 does not start after update

Device: Fairphone 3 (or 3+)
System: /e/os pre-installed
Languages: German or English

(Found some similar threads, but they did not help)

After trying to install the latest update (I think 1.5), I get “Can’t load Android system”. It seems only a Factory data reset would help, but I would like to avoid this, as it would delete all my personal data on the hard disk, including many pictures etc. (Though most of it is on the SD, which I now took out, but not everything, as I could not copy everything to the SD, and it would be very annoying to lose all this.)

Any other solution without connecting the phone to a computer?


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You might firm up this by following [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

… and are you in the position where you have made an OTA Android version Upgrade as mentioned here Week 48, 2022: Development and Testing Updates ? If yes, do you know the Android version you had previously ? e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd.