Fairphone 3 : Update

I’m talking about the stable channel. Maybe the wifi stuff is missing but the rest is correct.

That’s nice for the stable channel, but the changelog doesn’t say which channel it is about either, or does it in case you open it from the stable channel Updater?

It’s from the updater page, but i think they are the same. v0.9-pie

Update to 2020070161107
First when almost 100% download the phone ‘forgot’ the download.
So I had to download again.
After reboot I can’t enter my sim pin.
I can’t reboot, the phone reacts to nothing.
Removed the battery.
Now I am able to enter the sim pin of card 1 and 2 and the pin of the phone.
But when I want to enter the code for the wifi I don’t get a keyboard. (It’s already odd that the phone forgot the wifi code.)
When I try Signal, then I get a keyboard.
Now I have to go, so I can’t try more.

Hi all,

I see in App that I have 3 available updates.
When I start one of them, the download is running and App crashes all the time before installation. Running on FP3. 2020070161107 release.

Same problem for someone ?

If you are running on 2020070161107, then you are on the newest version.
The phone may show older versions, but it won’t install them.
This is correct behaviour of the phone.


I have throw away the setting of the wifi and reboot the phone.
Now the phone is working okay and I am able to enter the code for the preferred wifi network.


Since the last stable update (I bought with /e/ pre-installed) I got my screen somehow turned off twice in the last 24 hours and had to reboot. Then it seems ok. It’s a bit strange because I made the update on july 2 and since then didn’t made any change to the phone, installed or uninstalled any app. So I don’t know how did it suddenly started turning off the monitor.
Any of you had this problem recently?

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On which version number are you?

This one

That’s the same one I have on my Fairphone 3 on which I installed /e/ myself.
Perhaps @Manoj has an idea.

Just wanted to mention that the installation of app updates through the ‘Apps’ marketplace is now working again after I installed a recent OS update! Thanks, /e/!

Updates from App are still downloading but App crashes after download.
No updates ? Is 0.9-2020070161107 release the last one or is there a more recent one ?

Lo and behold, there’s a build from yesterday … https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/

Anyone tried already to update from 0.9-2020070161106 to 0.9-2020072965352 available since july 29?

Was it a smooth update?

I updated from 2020070161107 to 2020072865179 without a problem on the dev channel (I see you’re on the stable channel).

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I updated to 2020072965352, it was my first update and it went smoothly.
I bought the FP with preinstalled /e/ so I guess I’m on the stable channel.

Yes, like me, we’re on the stable channel.
Just updated. Was also a smooth update.

The update to 2020072865179 went smoothly. Thanks to the developers.

Another smooth ride here from 2020070161107 to 2020072865179. Using the new build for 2 days now, runs as smooth as the previous one.

The download (in my case over 4G) and update process took a while, between a half and a whole hour. Also, it seemed to stall when the screen went off (but that could be my use of the ‘Efficiency’ Battery profile).