Fairphone 3 : Update

Yeah, that’s what basically everybody has reported so far. From my own experience, setting the display timeout to 30min for the installation of an update is sufficient and the update has completed faster than the timeout.


My update took 20 minutes, moreless the same as the first update in the beginning of the month. Always smooth. Thank you so much to the developers.
Sometimes my phone crash (3 times in one month), something that I can’t replay or explain, and I had to restart it, but no problems during the update.
Thank’s /e/os developers and community

Hi Hermano,
I have observed something similar. In my case it was apparently related to the unfortunate timing of hibernation and activation by the fingerprint sensor. At the next “crash” try to reactivate the device with the power button after waiting a few seconds.

P.S. The latest update went without any problem.

@Manoj Why ist the android security patch level still on 5. June 2020? Can you point me to the full july changelog?


I couldn’t find the Changelog for this new version. When clicking the “Show Changelog” button in the updater, it sends me to this link which is the update notes from June (I am using the stable version). Would be nice to see exactly what changed before updating in case of errors.

The heading says June Update, but contains one line dated 2020-07-27 that says it’s a hotfix to allow for a 0.10 release.

I saw that too, but the rest of the changelog is old afaik. I can not tell for everything, but I think the FP3 specific fixes are about two months old now, so “June Update” would fit. Seems like there is no log for the update of first July.

I had a crash a few days ago too. It just went off in the middle of a call, so not related to any screen lock or hibernation thing, as @frank.bxl wrote.
Did you open an issue on gitlab for your problems? I was not able to get a logcat of that though, so I have no clue, what went wrong…


I did tried that. But that only worked in one time. The other times it really got “dead” and had to restart.

No, I didn’t, because I felt I wouldn’t be able to provide an accurate explanation on how it crashed.

I’m very thankful for all the work that the developers are doing with the help of this community. As I’m not an expert user I tend to be very patient not pushing things that we know that might take some time to get fixed and hope that more advanced user can open this issues on gitlab and explain better than I do.


didnt want to create a new topic for this quick question… does anybody know if using the OTA function of the FP3 will wipe all data?


No OTA update won’t wipe data, it will just update the system.


Hi folks,
After the update to 0.9-2020072965352 my phone also crashes randomly. It has happened three times since the update and I have never experienced a crash before. All three times so far has been in different circumstances.

Is there any way i can log things to help? Or any way i can help in general?

You could first update to the latest build (out for the “dev” channel already, should come to “stable” channel users soon) and see whether the issue persists.

Today I received the update 0.10-20200806666687. The update went very well.
Last week I installed 2020072865179.
So that’s makes me wonder why.

Since the last update (stable channel), to /e/OS 0.9-2020072965352, I didn’t got any more crash or any kind of problems.
I hope it keeps that way :slight_smile:
Great job the dev team is doing!
Thank you so much

I read in the latest newsletter, that a v.11 update is available, however On my FP3 it keeps saying no updates were found. Has anyone gotten the option to update?

On https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/ there’s no v.11 yet.

Maybe in the ‘test’ channel?

Actually it only means that every new build will be on the 0.11 version. You have to wait a few days if you are on the “dev” branch, and a few weeks on the “stable” branch.


Thanks, that clears it up. Was a little confused by the newsletter suggesting to “update your phone now”.

Just updated to v0.11 on my FP3