[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Ability to backup/restore in eRecovery

A fully-featured system recovery option will include the ability to make/restore a complete backup of your system, as is the case with TWRP. While an intermediate/advanced (non-coder/hacker) Android user can find credible information and resources on how to install the TWRP recovery, it is not available on every phone, and requires skills/resources that many users will not have. Please consider adding the ability to make/restore system backups in eRecovery.

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You actually can use the eRecovery to do full partition backup and restores, but it does not fulfil the user-friendly criteria, as it also needs adb and knowledge about which partitions to backup. It’s not space efficient and too only works to/from the same device:

Maybe integrating those adb steps into the easy-installer would be a viable user-friendly option, as installing and setting up adb blocks users. But as I said - it’s not space efficient.

It really is easier to wait for Seedvault to come to fruition. You can give it an early peak in here.


I think it would be great if /e/OS would be an operating system which had root access by default, so one could backup ALL data, including data normally not backed up automatically like e-mails (restricted) and WhatsApp messages.