General layout and organisation on a Samsung Galaxy S9+

Hi everyone,

My name’s Buffy, I’m not a big programming/techy person, but I am very pro-privacy! So, with determination and some fantastic help I have managed to get /e/OS successfully on my Samsung Galaxy S9+.
Now I’m rolling, I have a question or two about the OS in general.

First up, I see that there is one page with widgets, then other pages with apps just there in front of you when you use the phone. On Android there was a home screen (with apps and widgets together) and then some form of app drawer. I liked having my most used apps and widgets in front of me and then less used apps tidied away in a different section. Is there any way to do this simply with /e/OS? If it requires extensive programming knowledge then I will almost certainly not be able to do it, but if there is an easy way and I’ve just overlooked it then I would love to know!

Second question, if there is no way to do it, then I’ve noticed that when you rearrange apps they fill in from the top down and you can’t arrange them to have say 4 on one screen in the 4 corners of the page and then others in another screen. Again, is there a simple way to do this? I had a scour of the forum but couldn’t see anyone asking this question, sorry if I’ve missed it!

Thanks anyone and everyone for your support! I must say that I’ve felt really welcomed and supported by the community!

Hi !

I think it’s not possible to do what you asked for.
But there is some solution:

You can check here for alternative launcher.

EDIT: @aibd’s answer is much more thorough and complete. You will find the answers to your questions in his topic.

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Your subject is the Bliss Launcher. There is a link at the start of this thread to the launcher and then some alternatives to perhaps fix the downsides.

Edit … but from @Nicolas_Sas a nice well informed list of alternative launchers to consider if you feel like trying the options! The two posts are complementary :slight_smile:


Aha! Thanks for the advice. I have an alternative home screen now and it works perfectly.