Is the Z3 tablet supported?

I am refurbishing a Sony Z3 tablet and I was wondering if anyone had tried installing /e on it. It’s not in the list of supported devices but it is very close in specs as the Z3, Z2 and Z2 tablet. Actually, it shared the same chipset, CPU and GPU as the Z2 phone, so I was thinking that maybe the same build could apply there, but also maybe not and I’m not seeing the whole picture.
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You are lucky, look:

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Oh Thank you!! It didn’t appear in results when I used the search engine.

You’re very welcome, but all thanks should go to @petefoth! :slight_smile:

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Unofficial builds of /e/OS, LineageOS for MicroG, and IodéOS are available here

Note that I am no longer making builds of /e/OS, but I plan to continue building LineageOS for MicroG, and IodéOS for this device

Find more infos in this topic:

I’m using Pete’s last /e/OS-version on a Z3 with LTE (SGP621) and it works great. Just mark my words on Magisk in my last comment

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