Location Issues

Hi Im using FP4 on OS 1.9

I’m having terribly poor GPS results sometimes it will locate me but can take several minutes but most the time to places my location some where nearby about 1 - 2 miles away I have all the permissions allowed for the apps im trying to use but doesnt seem to help

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Hi @Hiyoihoi welcome to the /e/ forum.

Not a great deal of help … but there seem to be a lot of location issues noted in a short time recently !

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Its quite frustrating as can’t seem to see anything else to change

I know its proprietery but I installed Apples NLP module which seems to be working hopefully I can get some more reliable data from the buit in one


It will usually take 5-10 minutes while driving for my phone (FP3) to pick up my location. When only using GPS, this time would make sense (like eg a Garmin bike computer).

Often I would like to have my location quicker and while I’m sitting/standing/walking somewhere, but that takes ages and sometimes does not work at all.