Missing apps in /e/ app store

I do not find many apps which I would like to use (e.g. Consorsbank app, Postbank Finanzassistent, WeahtherPro, …).
How can they be made available without using GooglePlay?

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Install Aurora Store (you can find it on /e/ AppStore).
There, you get all the apps of google play store.

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  • you can use the “request a new app” feature in the /e/ app store
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I’ve remarked that application for French bank Societe Generale is not on the app store. There’s only the Ghana Societe Generale.

This one is a big miss for quite a lot of French users, as Societe Generale is the second most important bank in France.

The app is here on Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.societegenerale.mobile.lappli&hl=en

Its ID is mobi.societegenerale.mobile.lappli and when I tried to request it it says it has already been requested. Could you please add it ? This is my biggest miss and it features a mandatory thing for their customers, the “Pass Sécurité” (some kind of 2FA)

So okay it’s available through Aurora but well, not exactly satisfying since Google block them at any time.

Les banques ne se font pas ch…, utilisent du gg “clefs en main” sans se soucier de ceux qui n’ont pas / ne veulent pas des “gg plaie sevices”. Jette un œil à mes posts ‘SNCF’, ça te donnera peut-être une idée pour trouver un bricolage qui fonctionne pour toi.

Mais ce sont des choix startégiques assez désastreux pour l’uitlisateur, qui voit ses donnée bancaires pompées par gg et 'mazon (un coup d’œil à la liste affichée par µblock origin, dans le navigateur de l’ordi. fait froid dans le dos).

Bon courage.

L’appli Boursorama est bien présente et a priori c’est l’équipe /e/OS qui pousse les appli sur son store (ou les référence). Bon Aurora a le mérite de mettre en place des applis plus récentes mais quand même les applis bancaires deviennent de plus en plus critiques à cause des authentifications à deux facteurs.

(DeepL : ‘Banking applications are becoming more and more critical because of two-factor authentication.’ said julek)

Yes, that’s a pity, banks don’t care about common users’ privacy, using ggPS, aws and so on without consent nor alternative.

e.App store is just a provider and can’t guarantee that apps will work smoothly with /e/. Just lists trackers and estimates its ‘privacy’…

But if it acts as a proxy could it integrate those apps in its “white list” ?

I want to suggest the app “Eqiva Lock, eQ-3 AG” for the /e/ app store, but I can not find the"request a new app" feature in the /e/ app store. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 with /e/ 06.2019060312136. Newer Versions do not run on this phone. Maybe the feature is not included within this old image.

There is an unofficial Oreo build for zeroltexx, you could use it :


This unofficial build is a Test version, it is not fully working according to some users feedback .
The last working official dev build is nougat from 2020.02.15

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Newer Versions of /e/ include this feature. I have installed /e/ on an FP2 and found the “App-Suggestion”-Feature.

How can I request a new app in the /e/ app store? I did not find this feature.

In the settings of Apps you’ll find an option to request missing apps.

Thank you! I’ll try it!