Mobile data consumption surged today for no (?) reason 😳

Good morning everyone,
Today my “Android OS” decided to drink all my available data all of a sudden and for no apparent reason.
Is this a known issue? anyone else experiencing this?

Additionally, does anyone know how to inspect the details of data usage per sub-application?
pls see screenshots.

Thanks a million!

edit 16/04/2019 11:10

  • added device and build information screenshot
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I had the same thing happening twice so far within minutes. But it did not happen again and I wasn’t able to locate the bug. But I agree this is VERY emberassing

Hi, a topic about that issue has already been created here.

Please report this on gitlab. Here you can find how to report bugs/issues.

This is already a known issue :slight_smile:

However, the issue is closed and the problem persists. Shall I reopen or make a new one?
@Anonyme @andrelam

again tks :slight_smile:

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I suggest you make a new one, maybe this has another cause. But feel free to do what you find best.

Oh I didn’t see it was closed du to the mobile version, so yes I supposed you can open a new one.

Hi @romecas as mentioned by @Anonyme and @andrelam please raise a new defect and also attach logs. It will be helpful for the team to debug the issue. Provide as much details as you can about your device , build detail etc.

Hi, was this ever raised in a second request? I just had this happen to me after the latest update (26.July)

Hello Carlos, sorry to hear that this has happened to you!
No I haven’t raised a second request. It also hasn’t happened again on my eelo.
The reason is that it was nearly impossible to have a clear log of events which could help the dev team finding a bug.

@Carlos did you raise the request, if yes how can I find it?
Today happened again, suddenly just after the month renewal i’m out of data :frowning:

here’s some screenshots and bug reports:

Bug reports:

edit: i’ve rebooted the phone before making these reports and screenshots, maybe it wasn’t so smart. Next time better!

@romecas nope, i managed to keep things under control by setting the picture and video sync to only run over wifi. Tbh that was just a test to see if that was the issue, and since it worked i forgot about it

Hi, please read this thread, possible reason for this issue, and possible temporary fixed at: