Needing help for several reasons

hi everybody

i am a recent user of /e/ that i installed on a s9+ more or less one month ago using the “easy installer” (wich was not straightforward as explainations were a bit unprecise at one point, solved after asking here)

everything seems to be ok and working fine, except for a few points i still do not understand, as help is’nt very informative on these. I am mostly very happy of the eos nevertheless !

first of all : is it normal that my galaxy s9+ keep showing the samsung and knox logo at startup ?

then more specific :

the major thing is for autorizations, and for understanding where to fix what…

-an icon is saying Telegram Foss is using battery (and only for this app) i don’t understand how to deal with this ??

  • i have not a clear understanding of the different levels of privacy within apps, is there something i should read (i am better with french)

-why the phone is said rooted by bank security apps ??? how is it possible to have my phone rooted while in the parameters it says it is not ??

last point why is it not possible to have a regular password on /e/ community i still have to login via mail ???

thank you for helping if somebody have answers, have a nice day !

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FYI it is possible to have a regular email/password to login to e community - I’m using such right now.
Sorry I can’t remember how I enabled this though. Possibly in your user preference once logged in.

Because somme experimental elements needs the builds to be signed with “user-debug” and “eng-root” keys.
The workaround is to install “magisk” and enable “magiskhide” module.

Your device is still a Samsung with its firmware,
we just overwriting /system and /data, not all the partitions that are needed to control hardware and are device specific

Hi guys. Are you able to copy files from samsung to PC by usb?

Hi guy, @michnokrk,
welcome to this forum

Look better into the top bar !
or search for USB preferences in system settings

Thank mate. Already sorted. The notification was very nit visible. Thanks for help.

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thank you for your help i will have a look tonight.
Merci encore