Notes requires wifi or cell connection?

Apparently the Notes app is not usable offline on the Fairphone 4. If the developers read these posts, could someone please write a Notes App that can be set to not require connection to a cloud?


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Once setup the app it is working fine also without network connection. If you do not want to use it with an account at all I would suggest to choose another notes app which is already available in F-Droid or another store of your choice ;- )

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Thanks very much for the reply. I just got the Fairphone 4 and am a
recovering iphone user so I may be too challenged to use the Fairfone in
the short run until I figure it out. I did spend some time checking
that I have the latest operating system (I do) and playing around with
the notes app. On my Fairphone there is no way to even get the app to
open unless I have an internet connection and I “choose account.”

I have a login for Murena - does that mean I have an account? I have no
idea. In any event, why should I need to access it to make the app work
(if I’m understanding your reply.) I’ll take the advice from the forum
and look for a privacy-friendly alternative but I suggest that Murena
and/or Fairphone fix this soon. I don’t need someone else’s cloud, I
assume (maybe incorrectly) that there is an app to allow me to back up
this phone locally to a laptop or two, Hope so.

Thanks for looking into this.

Did you “Create an account”, that is, take this step ?

If no, you are cloud free.

/e/ does work fine cloud free, but /e/ has been built to be “easy to use” with a cloud, so some of your elementary steps like this one may take a little work / research without the use of

There is no easy native backup method. What is in place is still quite experimental [HOWTO] use Seedvault early to understand Android backup.

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