Photos Stopped Synching - What is the best way to troubleshoot

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 with paid storage and my photos were syncing fine last year. I just looked in the Murenacloud and see that my photos have not synced for two months. On my phone all looks fine in my account and sync settings. What is the quickest way to troubleshoot and get them syncing again?
Thank you!

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In my (paid) case the sync happens randomly without any apparent reason.

It have been so also for the free account

This happened to me as well. I managed to solve this by deleting and re-adding murena account from the phone`s settings.

Disable file and photo sync in /e/'s Account manager.

Install the NextCloud sync app and configure it to sync photos, either via ‘Instant upload’ or by specifying which photo directories to sync.

Muhc less buggy and more reliable than /e/'s eDrive sync solution

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best way to troubleshoot is reading adb logcat while interacting and seeing what it stumbles into. As edrive syncs bidirectional (cloud deletions sync back, no file versioning), there’s danger of mishandling and a backup on a third device is sensible.

I saw 3 reports on this the last few months similar to yours

As of now, I don’t see something that reads exactly like this issue - Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

while you could debug this, you can also disable the file sync and use nextcloud client to sync to murena, it has a larger user base and thus sees more scrutiny

I solved this a couple of times by:

  • go to Settings/Apps (show system)
  • stop eDrive, clear cache & data
  • reboot phone, wait for at least 1/2h

This way eDrive reset itself, rebuilds database from both phone storage and Murena Cloud.

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Hi All, thank you for the feedback. In the end I installed NextCloud as it seems like the option that will be the most reliable going forward.