S9+ Flash Firmware to V10 in order to update /e/ OS to Q

Have a SM-G965F/DS here in USA with android 8.1 and /e/ OS 0.13-o-202012089191-dev-star2lte installed

Updating to Q did not work as it expects Android 10 apparently.

Tried all night :nerd_face: to get firmware to update to no avail. One it is hard to select firmware as there are none for USA, so I tried my best to use other english speaking countries firmware, and even others. To no avail. I tried all Odin, TWRP and others…no success.

Any hellp would be apprecitated. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I can go into more detail if that helps.

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Yes, I’m interested in that, but only if it’s convenient for you to receive an answer from me.

Super, thank you so much for the help. When I get off work in the next few hours I will find the information you asked for so you could help me further. Thanks again!

I’m just using an S9 (non plus) and I am in the USA too. Having ZERO luck trying to upgrade to Q. I also tried a few stock Android 10 ROMs from both sammobile and samfrew. I don’t know if any of them will work - looking at what’s available, it seems that they’re categorized by country and carrier? i.e. I see Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile options for different EU regions, none for USA of course, because we’re using non-USA phones. Are we wasting our time trying to upgrade to Q in the USA? Stuck with the old OS?

When sideloading them with the latest TWRP, about 8-10 different ones (UK, NZ, etc.), even one with a build date of April 2020 as noted by @SuzieQ in this thread - none of them worked - every one threw a ‘zip file is corrupt’ error message in TWRP. I also tried copying the ROM file to the phone, and using the install function within TWRP, and had the same result.

I posted in the thread above too so if that needs to be merged or moved please feel free.

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I am not sure TWRP is the appropriate tool for flashing Samsung Firmware, better use Odin or Heimdall

All it takes is the right flash/install method :))

I am absolutely sure:
Installing the *.ZIP files downloaded by @cornfarmer must not be installed with TWRP. The *.ZIP file must first be unzipped. The resulting files (AP, BL; CP, CSC) .tar.md5 must be installed with Odin v3.14.4 or Heimdall.

[Guide] How to use Odin Flash Tool (Windows) to Flash Stock ROM and other files:


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/e/documentation and LineageOS Wiki Installation instructions

Thank you @SuzieQ and @piero for clarification - this is a different install than what I assumed. I’ll be trying the correct method :smile: in a few hours and report back.

Sorry busy with work. I had tried all the methods Heimdall, Odin, TWRP, magic wand…

having same issues as cornfarmer…

@cornfarmer has solved his problems:

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I’m looking at descriptions of what (AP, BL; CP, CSC) are and I’d think the only thing you would have to update to get to android 10 would be the AP. Are the other items needed?

I disagree. But try it out and let me learn something new please.

Here we are in agreement. The /e/ documentation contains numerous weak points since I got to know /e/ ages ago. This is often an obstacle, especially for n/e/wcomers. Nothing is more frustrating than a HowTo that does not lead to the goal.

I deleted a previous post because I needed to edit it and for whatever reason I couldn’t figure out how to edit the post. I will cut and past a copy of the deleted post at the bottom of this post.

Update: the easy installer put the old android version of android back on my phone I thought everything was good because I had the 0.14 version of e. But later I realized I was back on android 8. Every thing is good now but I ended up following the instructions from this post, [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily , to get a proper Q install (which is not at e 0.14 at the time of this post) I also added my tip about the device manager as a reply to the post.

I would also like to point out that the install docs from the main e page has a link in a blue tip box near the bottom of the page to make suggestions for improving the install docs. I plan on taking the time to post on there soon and also I apologize for criticizing the documentation with out following the steps to try and improve it.

As sated above the following is my original post I deleted spelling mistakes and all:

I looked into it further and your right. I was able to get the new version installed. After I flashed with the file from samfrew. I just used the easy installer and everything went smoothly. I did have a small issue getting odin to work to flash the file from samferw. The problem I had was odin didn’t recognize my phone when it was in download mode. It would recognize it to charge or when running normally but not in download mode. I fixed this problem by opening device manager finding my phone under usb devices right clicking to update driver software then clicking on “Browse my computer for diver software” then chosing the option to “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” then selecting Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device" I clicked to install (the driver) unpuged and puled back in and was good to go. I hope that helps other people who run into the same problem.

The install documentation would probably benefit form instructions of how to upgrade to andriod 10 and some trouble shooting tips rather then just saying that you need to do it. I’d like to think of myself as tec savy but clear and easy instructions in the install documentaion would have saved me a good bit of time.

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