Samsung Galaxy A5(2016) SM-A510F : "There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details" at boot

Hi there !

I’ve just installed on a Samsung Galaxy A5(2016) SM-A510F, and every time I boot, I get the following message :

“There’s an internal problem with your device. Contact your manufacturer for details”

There’s an OK button, and the phone seems to be working properly despite this message so it’s no big deal, but I’m wondering if anyone else gets it ?

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Hi @breversa, just seen your message after upgrading a Samsung Galaxy A3 to the Q build and I got the same warning pop-up which keeps reappearing on every restart. However, like you, I just ignore it and apparently the phone works normally.

Was yours a new install or an upgrade? As I pointed out, there is a problem with the official upgrade instructions which seem to be similar for Samsung devices as they seem to require installing the file on a device already running Android 10. If I’m correct, as for the A3, the A5 has no stock image running a version of Android 10. Samsung in its usual way abandons older phones and has no upgrades. So my impression is that the message we have both seen is simply a Google reminder to get users to complain about not having the latest version of Android.

It would be interesting to have confirmation from /e/ developers if this is the case.

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The identical failure message also occurs with /e/OS A3 2016. At the first restart after flashing and at every normal restart.

This message also does not appear in the current LineageOS17.1-for-microG : lineage-17.1-20210326-microG-a5xelte

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But LineageOS does not include a whole bunch of apps as system apps :smiley:

Many us/e/ have always wanted a slimmer /e/OS - comparable to a lineageOS-for-microG.

Hello @Grendel, and thanks for dropping by ! :slight_smile:

My install is a brand new one ; I’ve even made sure I was on the lastest stock ROM (using Frija :− Awesome tool, though Windows-only !) which is Android 7, before installing TWRP, wiping/formatting everything then installing the latest /e/ available.

So yep, you’re correct : no Android 10 for that device. But again, the message only pops at boot and can be ignored. It’s a mere cosmetic issue on the surface.

@SuzieQ : yes, that’s the message I get. Thanks for providing screenshots. :slight_smile:
I’d love to see if the message persists in newer /e/ versions.

I just installed on my Samsung A5 2016 and got this error message.
I confirm that it seems to be working fine.
Have someone another option than ignore it?

Hi @YvesBr welcome, I ignored it for 3 months with nothing else to report! :slight_smile:
Edit, and see: Week 12 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

Same boot message on my S5 Neo, and system updates haven’t “fixed” it yet (latest is August 27, 2021).

I always thought it has something to do with the recovery. I use TWRP, haven’t flashed the /e/OS recovery. :question:

Hi @MeOme welcome to the /e/ forum. This is nothing to do with anything you might have done ! It is indeed “internal”.

But I think it is the first time it is reported on this device, and it was predicted that new devices could become affected.

There is a bug report and an explanation here. Error message after clean Q install (#2840) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

It would be great if you could report it occurring on your device. If you do not already have a Gitlab account and you have any difficulties with the login, you just need to send a request to Thanks.

Hi aibd, I can’t sign up to your Gitlab because my “Email domain is not authorized for signup”. :innocent:

Here are the logs, straight after booting up and asking the “getprop” question over adb.

Interestingly user Rd Lr on Gitlab mentions the current /e/ recovery for affected devices is also corrupt. :question:
Yesterday I flashed it to my S5 Neo from TWRP and got a black screen/possible boot loop, hard to tell while I was pressing buttons. :wink: I tried to access recovery with the classic button combo, as well as from “Advanced restart” in /e/. Reflashing TWRP with Odin was no problem.

Indeed, everything you report fits with the bug. Any recovery built on the “bugged” build is reported to fail too - it does not work for me on Samsung A3!

The /e/ recovery, while developed to be optional with /e/ is not required. OTA updates work fine with my TWRP. You should be offered an update to e-0.19 before long, I do not have the recovery update ticked. I hope you can now get on with enjoying the /e/ experience.

The failure to login seems to be experienced by many new users! My recommended solution will work.