Teracube 2e T-mobile can't find SIM card after OS update

Immediately after the recent OS update (now running 1.14.2-s-20230825321006-stable-emerald) I couldn’t make/receive calls or texts. My carrier is T-Mobile. Calls and texts were fine before the update (except that I lost the ability to do group texts correctly a while ago, another matter). Data works fine and I have a SIP number as a work-around.

I went to T-Mobile’s website on the phone and used their online “is my phone compatible” tool. It claimed that my phone doesn’t have a SIM card. It does have a SIM card, and that SIM card was recognized correctly with the prior OS version. I infer that the new OS version isn’t allowing T-Mobile to find the SIM card correctly. Without a SIM card I can’t use the number.

Oddly, since then (when I failed to send some texts) I have received a few SMS texts. This may be a distracting fact but I’m adding it for completeness.

Has anyone else had this issue? Should I submit a bug report?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Garrett
Boston area, USA

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As you had no reply for a few days there have been similar reports containing as “keywords” USA, T-Moblile, Access Point Names and OS update. You might search other #apn threads, some examples

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