Truble installing e os on s9

Hello !
I’ve been using e os on a samsung s9 for several years with no problem. My phone has broken so I buy a new S9 in order to be able to reinstall e os
I’m using easy installer as I am not a pro in this things
And I find a problem : when getting to ODIN page -download - in stead of having E, I go back to android.

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hi @Lola,
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are you sure it is a SM-G960F and not a SM-G960U ?

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Hello @piero
Yes ! It’s an S

Hold and release the Keys is an “ART”

it could be otherthing than the little bue line on your device


I think I had the same problem installing on my S9 with the easy installer (which I recommend to use!). When it should boot into e recovering, it booted in default and that did not work, because the system was erased.
I just repeated the whole workflow and paid attention at the moment where you push power, volume up and pixby button and then the contrary.
Hope this helps.
Now its working perfecty on S9.
So Piero is right with rhe crutial step!

OK, i’ll give it a try this afternoon and tell you
Thanks @piero and @Mobi1