Updating E OS on Nord Avicii

I’m a oneplus nord avicii possessor and I have installed via line command E os 0.23 many months ago.
it runs pretty smooth and i’m very happy with it.
However i believe that it’s time to update it but nowadays there are possible several options so i’m thinking what is better to do as I don’t want to risk to block the phone.

I tried with the easy installer and the software says my phone is compatible and automatically download the latest version available. I guess it’s the stable for android R also if i see that there is available the 1.9 with Android S.
How do i know which version the easy installer is going to put?
the easy installer also will update the recovery part?or that should be done manually?

Could be better instead to go via line command install as i already did it so i know that i will put the recovery and the 1.8.1 for Android R 100% sure?

or maybe should i switch to Android S as I’m updating? if yes, should i roll back to stock androind and then start the E Os install from scratch?

sorry for many questions but it’s a while i wanted to post and update but now there are so many great updates ^-^

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You had no reply for 5 days … your OP seemed to me to ask about judgement calls … these are difficult to answer as it partly depends on a user’s past experience; however I now notice that you also contributed to Bricked OnePlus Nord.

That does seem quite a good way forward, do you have reservations about following that path ?

Putting the e os i have now is my first approch to install something that is not an android stock so i’ve a terrible fear to brick the phone or other issues that require time.
I’ve some experience with elettronics.
My 2nd main concern is the backup.
I’ve never tried backup softwares as i remember they were not working properly on win98 and further.
Idk about recent OS as i’m a bit old on that sense.
I hope to have fear losing some data if i don’t do it manually but manually take time…

However i think.now the time is mature and probably is better to go with EOs android 12

After reading more resources i’ve cleared up a bit my mind.
During the first installation of E OS i read that it was crucial to put the E OS version matching the exsisting Android version on the phone.
In that case i had Android10 so I put E OS for Adroid Q (that is the 10).

From the downloadable archive i see that E OS for Android Q had been updated till 1.5
I see that further version of E OS are for android R, so I bet they are based on Android 11.

If I wish to update to those, should i roll back to the stock android 10, then update to the 11 and then install again E OS with the R version?
I think this is the way to go!

Also trying with the easy installer i think it’s possible to have problems due to the different android version.
Or is the tool so cool that make everything by itself?

thanks to anyone that offer any help!

Correct – see this presentation on alternative Android version naming.

All the official guides are linked off this page https://doc.e.foundation/devices/avicii . For nord there is no “Upgrade Android version” page, so you could fall back to the guidance we saw in the past for Android version upgrade

Caution: Do not install /e/OS on top of a higher version of stock OS. Before installing /e/OS ensure your device has the latest stock OS of the same version as /e/OS. If only lower versions of the stock are available then install the last available lower version before installing /e/OS.

Maybe /e/ documentation dropped this wording due to its complexity, but it will hold true in this case.

… yes … but R is not up to date (it is e-1.8.1) while S is 1.9. From this we can see the R build is being phased out in favour of S … so Android 12 ( = S) would be the better choice, see also from #e-smartphone-operating-system:development-updates

:information_source: Upgrade your device.

I see no specific guide to say that this will work.

… I see no need to go backwards – you are looking to advance Android version.

So you want to research X https://doc.e.foundation/pages/revert_oneplus_to_stock_on_windows X edit, no, that is the EDL recovery method, better https://community.oneplus.com/ or https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/oneplus-nord-rom-ota-oxygen-os-repo-of-oxygen-os-builds.4138085/ … where if you decide to go for e-1.9-s you will aim to revert to Manufacturer’s Stock Android 12 ( = S).

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Thank you so much for your valuable help, i got lot of info from your links!!!

just to verify if i’ve understood all.

You wrote me:

And from the link i see that for Nord Avicii is possible to update OTA from every Android Q version to a R version as there is the green light mark!
Btw i see that there is a green light mark also for nord Avicii on 1.9 on Android S also via OTA but from my phone i can’t see that update.
I remember that few weeks ago it was listed as OTA update… and today i just checked and the last update available from OTA is the 1.7.
Btw i think this is due to my very old 0.23 version.
I’m thinking then to update via OTA to 1.7 as I read for 1.9 there are still battery draining issues and i prefer to wait then.

At the moment instead, due to this:

if i would prefer to put Android 12 stock and then install e os1.9S as from the development updates i don’t see yet that it is possible to upgrade from R to S for Nord Avicii

This is the point that you lost me !

Please, where do you see

“some green light mark!”

Ok so we do see for your device:

Oneplus nord aviccii >> A12(stable)

This is an advance on what I previously understood !

… but

… so you are running dev rather than stable ??

Ref: https://doc.e.foundation/build-status

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however i don’t see the writing that is possible to update from Q version to A12 Stable… i just read from Q to R.


no the 0.23 that i put was a stable version. I don’t like dev ones…

0.23-20220401175185 is the version that i have.

I am concerned that I made an assumption that as you were using e-0.23-q and that OTA updates (or more importantly Android version Upgrades) were not appearing on your device.

From the way you are describing things I need to ask … are you still being offered updates or upgrades on the device ? … and again where do you see “some green light mark!” ?

If OTA Upgrades from Q to R (Android 10 - 11) are available to you then you will not need to use stock ROM in order to advance to Android 11.

… and this means that you do not need to use a stock ROM in order to advance to Android 12. Doing the Upgrade in two stages makes sense when OTA Android version Upgrades 10 → 11 and also 11 → 12 are available.

It is always important to have a backup, but OTA Android version Upgrades preserve your data intact when successful.

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Got it thanks… No I’m using a stable version and I’m seeing updates like I post in the screenshot.

(sorry can’t add screens… so i did like this)

the funny fact is that around 1 month ago i was seeing also the 1.8 and 1.9 but after pressing the button update, they are disappeared and they don’t come back anymore.
Maybe they will appear again if I update to a more new version.

Do you suggest a specific software for backups? i never trusted those services and i always saved all manually.

where do you see the green emojy on the line "status: "
those are the green light mark :grin:

Of course it will be a leap of faith … but those all look like Android version Upgrades to Android R … you have been pondering this for a long time, it has to be your decision !

However this looks a nice option-- devs have worked on it for some time now.

I prefer manual backups of essential things. I like to delete apps which are not really necessary … sometimes to export any useful output within the app rather than backup the app.

If you are using ecloud confidently you should be fairly aware of the way that the regular system apps are backed up to the cloud.

I would be fairly confident that once you are on Android R, then OTA version Upgrades to Android S will show up in due course.

Thanks for clarifying the green light metaphor :green_circle:

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yep ahah when there were the the 1.0 or around i read that some user got issues updating via OTA so i waited but now i was concerned as my version could be too old xD
It’s my first adventure on nonStock android distro.

Since win95, there are always been exporting issues with backup softwares so i’m never been a fan.
WIth apple i saw that this are improved but I don’t trust so much backup softwares and i prefer to do like you, manually also if it can be time consuming.
I also don’t use cloud services, just dropbox very rarely.

thank you so much for all your help. I’m more comfortable now to press that update button.
Probably in the weekend i’ll do all

One system app which does not keep its own backup is the Message app. To back up messages (and the call log) I use https://www.synctech.com.au/sms-backup-restore

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thanks for the update but i’ve nothing interesting there.
the pain for me are Authenticator apps, install all the apps again, whatsapp conversations, set up all the email accounts (i’ve like 7 accounts) and few others bookmarks but i’ll manage to do all

i’ve finally took the courage to do the backup and try to upgrade.
I downloaded the 1.7 via OTA as it is currently the last update i can see available.
The download is ok but when i click to install it… it arrive around 95% then i get back: install error

without any code or anything else written to help me trying something.

My assumpion is: the jump from 0.23 to 1.7 is too huge for going via OTA.