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Does anyone use QuickNote instead of the preinstalled Notes app? I don’t entirely get how it works. At first it looks as a third party app, but Murena proposes it as a service together with cloud, email etc.

However it’s not a default app so I downloaded QuickNote from F-Droid (Carnet in French), synced it to my Nextcloud account and created a test note. On the server side on the phone, I found my newly created and synced note but could not open it because the .sqd extension for these files doesn’t trigger the QuickNote app to open it.

In a nutshell, it doesn’t seem to work very well together.

Could I get any feedback from QuickNote users who might perhaps enlighten me?


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I use the NextCloud Notes app ( which is the app from which /e/'s default app is forked) and the NextCloud syc client from F-Droid, It works just fine, and I can access my notes from my phone, from the web or from my computers.

I just installed Carnet from F_Droid, but I couldn’t get to to sync with any of my NextCloud accounts (eCloud and

Thanks @petefoth for your answer. I’m looking for a Notes app that could do a bit more than the default one or the Nextcloud one. For example paste a photo or a document in it.

@Manoj @rhunault I read that people report sync issues with Carnet (the note-tacking app that is included in your Nextcloud suite). Do you confirm it’s not ready yet? so I don’t bother installing it yet. I couldn’t find any issue on it in Gitlab, that’s why I’m wondering

The last update I had was, that the app was slow and the UI buggy. It was not a good user experience. Which thread are you referring to which has users reporting this.

Then I suggest you remove this app from your Nextcloud suite @rhunault
I refer to above in the present thread, as well as Nextcloud Talk and Carnet in v1
Talking about Nextcloud apps, do you know about Nextcloud Photos 2 ? Nextcloud has been promoting this version of the their app recently, for being a big improvement. A good open source photo management software is really missing on the market today, I feel.

Instead of opening the .sqd file through the folder “Carnet”, probably in your Documents, just open the Carnet App and the quicknote will be there.

If it isn’t, make sure the phoneApp and the webApp are using the same folder to sync [/Documents/Carnet].

I’m not a heavy user of Carnet, but to me it seems to be working fine…

I’d like to know what is the roadmap of Murena for a notes app. I think the next version of Nextcloud is coming up. Perfect time to decide what to do with QuickNote/Carnet! I use the default ‘Notes’ app preinstalled in /e/ and although very basic, I like it because it’s pre-configured, it can be accessed through ecloud and the notes are available as text files in ecloud’s Files folder, which I like because Text files are a universal format that I will always be able to open and backup (in comparison with the .sqd files of QuickNote/Carnet). I have no experience with QuickNotes and read different things on the forum about it. @heartshapedbox raises the point of potential security issues with storing plain text files. @huuhaa loves QuickNotes/Carnet. @Manoj says here above that user experience is not good and indeed @zelandonii writes that he managed to sync his notes only through the Nextcloud app that he had to install additionally.
I think all this needs the /e/ team to make a statement and maybe take action in the one or the other direction. Murena has the big advantage over other ROMs that it has a cloud service (Nextcloud is awesome!) with apps and that makes things easy for the user, and Notes is one of the apps that need the cloud.
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@MaMaTT88 it looks like you actually can upload a photo in the Notes app, but only on the web version of Notes, not in the Android app.
Edit: but I’m not sure it’s a good idea because the Notes app seems to have sync delays when it contains many notes and maybe notes that have a bigger size (typically notes that contain images) at least that’s what I’m experiencing with my 300 notes although they are only txt notes, with no images. I think Murena should check this.

The Notes feature within Vivaldi Browser is well designed. (I’m a Vivaldi fan.) And the notes can be imported/exported in plain text format! And the browser has its own sync function that includes the notes. However, for the moment it lacks tags and on Android you first have to open your browser to access your notes. But it’s promising. The features have been requested on their forum.

I recently found out about Notesnook, a note app that is privacy-oriented. Thought it would be worth mentioning it here in a forum about privacy. I’ve had the 14-day trial and will now pay for it. It works on all devices through a user account.