Week 28 2024: Development and Testing Updates

Summary of weekly development and testing activities by /e/OS developers and volunteers. Updated content has the :new: emoji.



Status: Testing

Issues to be fixed

ETA: July third week :crossed_fingers:

Upcoming milestones information

Ongoing development tasks
- A web based version of Easy Installer to be released replacing the existing desktop version. At present the team is working on the development and testing of this tool. Will share ETA for release.
- /e/OS GSI on T or Android 13
- Development work in progress working on /e/OS U or Android 14

Murena 2 specific information

  • The camera out of focus issue reported by some users, has been identified as a hardware issue. We do not have spare parts for replacements. Request you to send in your invoice details to the helpdesk@e.email ID and the team will offer a refund with discount vouchers for future purchases.
  • Back covers have been sent to users who had pre ordered. The website will be updated for those who want to order.
  • The Murena 2 is now fully sold out. We are working on plans to create a new and even better model in our Murena line for our users.

Previous 5 releases & user feedback

Device specific

  • ETA for device upgrade to /e/OS U will be shared as also the list of device to be upgraded to /e/OS U.

  • S7/ 7+ will get OTA OS upgrade builds from R to S along with v2.2 build :fire:

  • S8/ 8+ OTA OS upgrade build release timeline to be confirmed

  • ASUS devices will have a warning in the Smartphone Selector mentioning non availability of official unlock methods.

  • EasyInstaller v0.21 released

To be marked as legacy

X00P , X01AD , X01BD , YTX703F , YTX703L , a5y17lte , a7y17lte , addison , ahannah , albus ,cedric , d800 ,d801 ,d802 , d803, d850 , d851, d852 , d855, ether , f400 , ginkgo , hannah , hlte , hltechn , hltekor , hltetmo , jactivelte , jasmine_sprout , jason ,jflteatt, jfltespr , jfltevzw , jfltexx , jfvelte , klte ,klteactivexx , klteaio, kltechn , kltechnduo , klteduos, kltedv , kltekdi , kltekor , lavender ,lithium , ls990 , montana , obiwan ,oneplus3, platina , rhannah , s3ve3gds , s3ve3gjv , s3ve3gxx ,scorpio ,shamu, sirius ,suzuran ,twolip ,victara ,vs985 , wayne ,whyred ,x2, z3, z3c , zl1

What legacy would mean

  • No further official builds. Users with ROM building skills can build on their own.

  • Legacy /e/OS versions:

  • R - or Android 11

  • Q - or Android 10

  • P - or Android 9

  • O - or Android 8

  • N - or Android 7

:point_right: Decision on continued support for FP2 pending.

/e/OS R or previous OS support drop reasons Google has stopped security patches. LineageOS has also dropping support. For most of the older devices vendors would also have stopped vendor patches.We would not be able to continue support as it would require backporting security patches which will require dedicated resources and is not a viable long term solution. Users are advised to upgrade to newer OS and builds where available.


Posting information on test builds

  • Please do not post information or links to /e/OS test builds on the forum.
  • These builds are as yet untested and under development and may in some cases cause user devices to soft brick.
  • Such information can confuse other users who do not see these builds in the updater.
  • Remember not all users who come to this forum are experts in installing and formatting custom ROMs and can end up seriously damaging their devices by trying out these test builds
  • If you are genuinely interested in helping with the testing activities and also understand how to fix and do some minor level of testing on custom ROMS, you are welcome to join the testing team
  • As part of the testing team you can share your comments on the dedicated testing telegram channel.


Murena Cloud and Self hosting

Murena cloud NextCloud version upgraded

Murena cloud current version

Murena cloud Next Cloud

Self Hosting current version

Self hosting Murena cloud v 26.0.8

How to check the NextCloud version click here

You can find the complete documentation and current NC version under Login – Murena >> NextCloud xx user documentation. The xx should show the latest version.

  • Another way to check the current version is to check the NextCloud scan link and input https://murena.io this should display the current version number as well as the security level.

Please note if MurenaCloud patch number is not the same as the NC patch number, the rating would show up as bad \U0001f610 This is not exactly a problem. We do not immediately jump to the next NC patch as soon as it is released. We first test it and then set out with the deployment.


Current GSI version click here
  • Download available here

    • Sources available here
    • version is /e/OS Q (A10)

    :point_right: The v1.17 GSI build is the last build and is on /e/OS Q
    :point_right: GSI OS version will next move to T or A13 skipping the R and S . Release dates to be shared


OS OTA Related information

  • Fairphone: FP4 : S (A12) T (A13)

  • Samsung: S9/9+ : R(A11) S(A12)

  • Gigaset: GS290 : Q (A10) Android 11 (R)

  • Oneplus: avicii : A12

  • OnePlus : avicii : Q ( A10) R (A11)

  • Fairphone: FP4 : R ( A11) S (A12)

  • Fairphone:FP3 : R (A11) S (A12)

  • Fairphone:FP3 : Q (A10) R (A11)

  • Samsung: s7 / s7+ : Nougat (A7) Q (A10)

  • Samsung: s9 / s9+ : Oreo (A8) Q (A10)

  • Samsung: Galaxy S9/9+ : Q (A10) R(A11)

  • Samsung: s8 / s8+ : Pie (A9) R (A11)

  • Teracube: 2e / zirconia: Q (A10) to R (A11)

  • Teracube: emerald & zirconia : R (A11) to S (A12)

  • Samsung: S7 ‘herolte’ ‘hero2lte’: Q ( A10) R (A11)

  • Google Pixel ‘redfin’: S(A12) T(A13)

  • Gigaset: GS290: R(A11) S (A12)

  • Fairphone: FP3 : S (A12) T (A13)

    • All OTA OS upgrades are on stable builds
  • Samsung: S7/7+ : R(A11) S(A12)
    • ETA v2.2
  • Samsung: S8/8+ : R(A11) S(A12)
    • ETA v2.2 :crossed_fingers:
Our definition of an OS OTA upgrade

Usually for /e/OS ROMs to upgrade the OS you have to do the following

  • If available download the correct OS build from the supported device list
  • For some devices you also need to download the stock ROM from the vendor site.
  • Take a back up of your data
  • First install the Stock ROM
  • Next install the /e/OS ROM. Here you can take help of the install guides available on our documentation site.
  • If required apply the backups you downloaded before starting the whole process

An alternate to this tedious process is where we offer the user the option to upgrade the OS OTA. This option is available for stable device builds only.
This process is easy for the user but requires a lot of development and testing effort.

Different /e/OS build types



Misc information

Read Gael 's roadmap for 2024

Device and Vendor specific Announcements

Gigaset GS290

  • We have stopped the sales of the Gigaset GS290 on the eSolutionsShop as the vendor has stopped production of the device. We will continue support for existing users.

:loudspeaker: Message being shared on the request of our vendor partners

  • Vendors whose phones we sell on our eSolutions Store do not directly sell /e/OS flashed devices.
  • The vendors only sell their devices with their own stock ROM.
  • To get pre flashed /e/OS phones, you have to purchase them from the eSolutions Shop.

/e/OS Pre flashed device sales

  • We sell directly in EU, US, Canada and Australia
  • Find details of what devices are available in which countries here Murena Shop.
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  • Facing issues with devices you purchased from us ? For issues you would want support on from the /e/OS support team, send in the details using the contact form


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