Week 29 :Development and Testing Updates

v0.18 testing

  • Complete issue list
    • This is the list of issues pending / closed that will be a part of v0.18…

Issues to be reviewed further and some which are not achievable in the current cycle will be moved to subsequent milestones

Official support list

  • We get a lot of requests for Devices to be added.As of today the list of requests are at 1000+ devices ! Looking for more Device Maintainers to volunteer. LOS and XDA have a massive group of ROM Maintainers . Would be good to have a similar group working on the community builds and as Maintainers.

  • Hope to add to the list these devices to the list once we get the builds working.

    • 3 Tablets
      Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4noterf)
      Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notewifi)
      Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (p4notelte)
    • 1 phone Samsung J5 (j5y17lte)
  • Working with the existing ROM Maintainers to get them to participate more in the Build process. This would require a certain level of access to the build infra which will allow them to debug and fix issues in their devices. Check the requirements from ROM Maintainers

Magic Earth replacement

As you may be aware the Magic Earth app is not Open source. Our search for a replacement continues. We would prefer an application which does not ask users to constantly download the latest updated maps. On mobile data packs these downloads can be quite costly. Some thing like the seamless support Google Maps provides but entirely in the FOSS world would be what we are are looking for. We are open to suggestions.

Gestural recent views coming to Bliss

As part of the improvement to the Bliss Launcher…we are testing and improving a gestural recent view on Bliss. There a re still bugs to fix and no ETA as always :slight_smile:

Filter for tablet

Based on user requests …a filter to select tablets has been added to the Supported devices page …Filter on the Device type to find the details.

Screenshot from 2021-07-21 11-32-46

> This thread will be updated through the week

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Hi @Manoj , I think Open Street Maps could be a possibility.

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Those are maps, not an App. Magic Earth even uses OpenStreetMap for their maps.
If you mean OsmAnd, then I’m heavily in the OsmAnd camp, but I can clearly see why /e/ chose Magic Earth instead of OsmAnd, all those many features and options and the non-simplified user experience are not for everybody.


Magic Earth seems to be irreplaceable at the moment. It works quite well regarding rerouting when traffic is jammed, Text to speech is implemented, intuitive UI, good routing …

I personally also don’t like that it’s not open source but currently it’s the best bet. Organic Maps seems to come close, but is lacking traffic information and its own speech engine at least.

Is there any ETA (just guessing is ok for me too) for the OTA upgrade process on the Fairphone 3? I really want to update to Android 10 :smiley:


Besides the already mentioned OsmAnd and Organic Maps there are not many open source map&routing apps.
Maps.Me (lots of trackers - would have to be removed, which requires work)
NavIT (development not very active)
Pocket Maps (development stopped 6 months ago)

To bring some enlightenment : https://doc.e.foundation/rom-maintainer

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Thanks - added the link to the initial post as well

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In which way does guessing help here?
But then again guessing has the advantage that it doesn’t need to be qualified, so anything goes, so let’s guess …


Or never.

Just upgrade manually.
If you’re unlucky you will still wait a long time for the OTA upgrade only to find out then that you are one of the users for which the OTA upgrade somehow doesn’t work out, there are always such cases with OTA upgrading to a new major OS version, regardless of the OS or the device. Just imagine the disappointment, you would be forced to try it manually afterall, which you could have done all along.

But I’ll cross my thumbs for everybody :wink: .


I regularly use Organic Maps for navigation and I prefer it over Magic Earth. When I search for information on a map then I get the best results with Qwant Maps, which I installed as a PWA.

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I like Organic Maps and it does work well for navigation, as does OsmAnd+. However, as mentioned above, as it works offline, it is not able to update its navigation instructions based on up-to-date information about road works and closures, or traffic incidents. If arrival time is important for me, I will therefore revert to using Magic Earth


Organic Maps is actually Maps.Me without trackers. It has fewer features, but its development seems very active.

Might not be a good replacement as of now, but could be a good candidate in the future.

The question was for Manoj, as the team might give better ETAs than anyone else, but thanks.

Can’t do because I would lose data which I can’t backup right now, my phone is not rooted. It’s totally inconvenient overall so I’ll wait for the OTA upgrade.

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Electronics can fail you at any given time. Murphy’s Law might be watching your situation very closely :wink: .

/e/ has Rooted debugging available in the Developer options. This is not rooting the phone. This gives ADB the possibility to run as root on the phone, which e.g. would give it access to the whole data partition. This might be a way to backup more than what is usually possible … [HOWTO] Backup and Restore Data on Android Devices - #36 by petefoth.


Did I miss Teracube 2e updates somewhere?

Okay, I was a little vague :smiley: I have backed up everything which would really hurt me in case of a total loss of the OS. Because I’m too lazy to restore everything manually, I’ll stick with waiting for the OTA upgrade to take the most convenient route :slight_smile:

Thanks for that! I’ll take a look and create my backups that way. The latest release seems to be a little outdated though, being from 08/2020.