What UK Bank App works reliably enough on this OS?

I’m interested if there is any UK Bank App that users were able to reliably run on their phones under /e/ ROM.
I am currently on Barclays, but I have no issue to swap if other banking app can safely and reliably run on this OS.

P.S. - I am sure if many users would do the same (switching to a bank whose app is compatible with /e/), the other banks would take steps to not lose customers by making their apps compatible with this ungoogled ROM.

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I use Starling Bank as I expect it to run.
Downlaod via Aurora Store and I also have microG logged-in, unsure if that makes a difference.

Thanks, I’ve looked into it. Although many people seem happy with the bank services overall, they seem to still not provide some services like credit cards and the countries where one can pay money are limited (below 40 countries at this moment). Also, some people complained there are issues such as being unable to pay people having accounts at the same bank (bank app won’t recognize the account)…

Thank you for the suggestion, it is on my list and looking forward to see if other banking apps can run from /e/.

I have current and savings accounts, and a credit card, with Nationwide Building Society. Their mobile app works with absolutely no problems on /e/. They also do internet banking via a web browser, as well as having a good network of “bricks and mortar” branches. And best of all they are a member-owned mutual, so you are not putting your money in the pockets of corporate capitalism ;). I thoroughly recommend them.

Triodos Bank have a mobile app which also works fine on /e/. I installed it to check whether it worked, but I don’t use it because I don’t have a current account with them. Triodos are a good ethical bank too, so they would be a good alternative.

Smile, owned by the Co-op Bank (which is no longer a Co-op :frowning:) are a good bank too, but their mobile app would not work for me because the phone boot loader is unlocked.

I am with First Direct. Their app runs perfectly on /e/
Downloaded from Aurora store.
I can also recommend First Direct. Excellent bank IMO

How did you get the nationwide app ? I’ve not be able to get it as I’ve just started using /e/ and the version 4 + aurora store app doesn’t show it as available unless you use a VPN and geospoof the app to show your in the UK

I initially installed it before Aurora Store 4 broke geo-restricted apps and I have mostly ‘dirty flashed’ /e/ updates since then. But I have just tried on a fresh install (of a custom /e/ build, but the same should work on official and unofficial releases).

No need for a VPN. It works when all of the following are in place: (It may work without one or more but this is what I did)

  • Language set to English (United Kingdom) - I set this in the setup wizard, but you should be able to just change it if necessary in Settings | System | Languages & input.
  • In Aurora Store (I did this before logging in, but it should work if you do it when logged in, so long as you log out and stop the app after you’ve done it)
    • In Spoof manager, set Language to English
    • In Settings | Networking, set the ‘Insecure anonymous session’ switch to ‘On’
    • Log out if you had already logged in
    • Stop the app (using the task manager icon - the square one to the right of the ‘Home’ icon)
    • Restart the app
    • Log in as Anonymous

After you’ve done all this, the Nationwide Banking App should be top of the list when you search for `nationwide online banking’. You should also be able to install other UK specific geo-restricted apps, such as the NHS Covid tracker app.

Good luck!


Thank you so much this worked exactly as you said it would

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This worked for Venmo. I hate PayPal but I like money. Thank you!

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