Where are the Howto's?

"Read simple [HOWTO]’s "

Can’t find them anywhere.

The screen working is SO different from LineageOS.

I have Two major issues that I have been unable to find a solution to:-

  1. When I try and move app icons, they jump back to where they started from.

  2. How do I see App’s NOT on any of the screens ? On LineageOS, I would just swipe upwards.

  3. Where are the docs/Howto’s, describing how to use the interface ?

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Install trebouchet launcher and you will have the same features as on lineage.

To 1. Push long on an icon til it jiggle. Yhan you can move or group them.
Point 2 I don’t understand.

To point 3, have a look here. https://community.e.foundation/c/ewiki/13


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Do you have Apps with icons that are not on any of the screens? I have only recently started using /e/ and I have no experience with LineageOS but I am getting annoyed that all the apps I install put their icons on screens, I would dearly like to hide those I don’t often use somewhere else.

This link gives t Oops! The error:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Yes, I am logged in!

You can try others launchers !

As exemple OpenLauncher available by F-Droid the Open Sources Store

Yes it can be frustrating sometimes. Make sure you don’t release the app too quickly.

BlissLauncher doesn’t have an app drawer, so every app are visible on the launcher and can’t be hidden. You are free to change the launcher if you want to.

You can find every HOWTO over there :

Sorry for the delay.

We had a family emergency.

Thanks for all the answers.

Trebouchet isn’t available in the app’s.

I can move the app’s, they just won’t stay where I place them.

I read that all the app’s are on the screen, but that isn’t the case. I was looking at OpenKeyChain, but it IS NOT on any of my screens. Actually, there are 27 apps listed in settings/Apps but only 23 showing on my screens.

Ref the HOWTO’s.

https://community.e.foundation/ To the right of Using /e/ how about putting a hyperlink around HOWTO, so it actually goes the the HOWTO.

Might be helpful to people.

Thanks again for all your help, and the team who made this distribution.

I might not be back for some time due to the family emergency.

Regards and best wishes…

Yes Trebuchet isn’t easily available to download anywhere.

Yes it happens, I think it occurs when you do things too quickly.

Because some apps are programmed to be hidden, it would be the same result with a launcher with an app drawer.

The last open source version was from Oreo. Works on Lollipop thru Pie. Some have said it works on LOS 17/Q.

Trebuchet LAOS 15.1

Based on Launcher3 (as is Pixel Launcher, et al) so it’s not like the old school one from earlier LineageOS/CyanogenMod.
But as mentioned, Trebuchet has not been normally available.