Can I install any apps from the appstore in /e/?

I am planning to buy a new smartphone and I am seriously considering a /e/ phone to replace my current Android phone. However, after reading through the website, I am confused:

  • does an /e/ phone have access to the Google playstore to install apps, or not?

  • if not, how can I install my banking app (which I absolutely need) and the app for my newspaper, for which I have a paid subscription and that I would not like to miss?

  • if there is a way to install these apps, will they work the same way as on my old phone?

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No, but you can use Aurora from f-droid. It’s an google play store client

You can install all of them, but no one can guarantee that the are working without original google play services. A lot of bankings wont work. Best you search here in forum for your need apps.

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The first post in this thread: Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG contains an editable list of apps that work or do not work. It’s not complete, but it’s a good place to start.

Please do add to the list if the apps you try are not yet listed.

[Edited to correct the link]

I don’t see a list of apps in that post. What I see is a suggestions to add two app-related columns to the table of supported devices. ???

Thanks, that clarifies the situation.

My bank is Argenta, which is mentioned only once this forum. It is mentioned as not being in the e app store in this post:

I guess that means I am out of luck for now? I cannot afford to lose the ability to access my bank account, and I don’t have a second phone to experiment with.

Sorry - wrong link. The correct one is

Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG

I’ll edit the comment

I think you can access your bank all the time with web browser, or not ? I’m sure they will offer for TAN creation the use of an external TAN generator or sending TAN via SMS.

No, that has nothing to do with the working or not working app. The eApps Store is only a client for As long as no user has uploaded the apk to you wont find it. You can get all your apps via Aurora store.

Personally I always access my bank through a browser so I have no experience of using a banking app. However you may find this link useful: [HOWTO] Installing Banking Apps

Sure, but the app is much more convenient in many cases, at least in case of Argenta.

Suppose I buy a phone that is in the list of /e/ supported devices, try to install the banking app, but it doesn’t work.

  • Will somebody help me then to get it working? (I am an experienced programmer, but don’t have much experience with apps).

  • Can I re-install “standard” Android, so that at least I will have a phone with the apps I like, or would I have to buy yet another phone to have a working app?

I really like the idea of leaving google, but there is a compromise here for me; if it is too inconvenient, I won’t do it (yet).

I think you will find here in forum how you can get banking apps running (in some cases)
But if that will fail, I think no one could help you to get it running. Some banking apps will never work.

Normally you can always going back to stock android. Best you will check the web for reflashing stock rom for your device.

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Not every App out there will work on /e/ because /e/ has no Google services. That’s the point of the exercise.
Aurora Store lists Argenta Bankieren as depending on Google services. If an App needs Google services to work, /e/ has microG in place as an Open Source replacement to try to cover that base as good as possible, but there are limits to this, and so not every App which needs Google services will work.
And even if such an App works on /e/ at a particular time, Google might break this with changes on their side any day, with microG having to catch up again, if at all possible. So there might be outages or an App stopping to work completely.