Feedback for v1.9

  • Fairphone
  • FP3+ Refurbished (from Murena shop)
  • /e/OS 1.8
  • Not rooted

I didn’t get a notification for the update (nor for some apps in the app lounge). I would never have known there would be an update if I hadn’t checked manually.

All is working as expected (as far as I can tell for now) but the new Android quick setting panel UI is just hideous. I thought at first some accessibility option for visually impaired was activated but no, it’s just the new horrible design with those big ugly buttons. Damn what were they thinking ? Why turning something that works well to this nightmarish, non-intuitive and impractical crap ? :face_vomiting:
Hope there will be a solution to go back to the classic look (I’ve seen there are freemium apps that do that but NOPE).

Not by Android itself, really, since this is the new design system, called Material3. And I’d rather the eOS developer team spend their time on a stable operating system with reliable privacy functions than trying to revert these UI changes. But those are just my two cents.


Sure /e/os devs have more important tasks to work on. And yes, I doubt Android will change their mind on this, although I have seen lot of complaints about this new UI.
Lets see… For now I will just accept and adapt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Any new UI needs some time to get used to it, give yourself at least 2 weeks…

Dear all,

A quick follow-up on my issues since I installed /e/OS 1.9s on my Fairphone 3:

  • I am able to receive text messages but I cannot send any. This is particularly annoying
  • I can connect to my VPN (Mullvad) when on Wi-Fi, not on cellular network
  • I cannot share my connection when on cellular network.

So 2 questions from here:

  • Has any of you experienced similar issues ?
  • Is there a quick and easy way to rollback to /e/OS 1.8.x ?

Kind regards


Can’t confirm on 1.9-s-20230311268558-dev-FP3 with provider Telekom in Germany.

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Hey thanks for your answer.

My complete version is the following:

Should I jump to a dev version if rolling back is not feasible ? Or maybe it is jumping into more problems…

Brand: Fairphone
Name: FP3+
CodeName: FP3
Previous version: 1.8.1
Not rooted

My SIM card is not detected anymore.

I have no mobile internet, cannot send or receive SMS and calls since the update today, which is a rather serious issue.

Not into more, but probably into the same … factory reset, deleting your data. At least you should be prepared for this if you’re feeling adventurous enough to try.

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Have you tried turning off the phone (no reboot, real shutdown), waiting a few seconds, then turning it on again? When the phone is off, you could also take the SIM card out of the slot and re-insert it.

Else … You could try the network reset in Settings - System - Reset options.

Well technically not so taxing, but in terms of time that’s a different story.
So I guess I’ll leave with that for now.

Just to clarify for me: am I right in understanding that issues raised in this thread form base for fixes in the next release ?

Kind regards,

You could still try the same …

At least they should be noticed, I’m under the impression that’s one reason for these collecting topics per version.

Hi there,
Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but since Fairphone is an A/B slots system, should it be possible to revert back using the other slot, using fastboot ?

  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot set_active other

I did it to test if my battery drain changed from a previous build.

I’m quite new with Android possibilities, so I’m not sure if the 1.9 update changed anything that could prevent the phone to work again in 1.8.1 without all these issues.

Edit : Useful link for changing active slot

It is possible to change the slot and boot the OS version prior to the last update.
2 possible problems if you want to keep your data, though …

  • The fastboot command to change the slot might be forbidden with a locked bootloader, I don’t know the current status of this. Unlocking the bootloader (as well as locking it) forces a factory reset for security reasons.

  • If the OS version on the other slot is on an earlier security patch level, Android rollback protection should kick in when booting it and force-prompt you for a factory reset for security reasons.

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Hi, don’t know whether this is a specific FP4 issue, but since upgrade to 1.9-20230310 my notes do not synchronise/no notes are shown on the note app.

Any suggestions?

App Version: 3.7.1
App Version Code: 3007001

Files App Version Code: 402060000


OS Version: 4.19.157-perf-g216fd8f647c1(eng.root.20230310.165921)
OS API Level: 32
Device: FP4
Manufacturer: Fairphone
Model (and Product): FP4 (lineage_FP4)

--- Geen account geselecteerd
	at it.niedermann.owncloud.notes.main.MainActivity.lambda$onCreate$7$it-niedermann-owncloud-notes-main-MainActivity(
	at it.niedermann.owncloud.notes.main.MainActivity$$ Source:2)
	at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

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that’s great news!
do you know when v.1.10 is going to come out – like is it a matter of weeks or months? or is it impossible to say?

After some days I can’t say that battery drains so fast as for @Aln.
I could say it lasts less than before. Drains maybe about 2-4% a day more.
But I also changed my office in these days and the could new one could be far from the mobile network…

Hi, I have tried to turn off the phone, and also remove the card, turn on, turn off, put back the card, turn on, nothing changes.
As you suggested, I did a network reset and again, it didn’t fix this issue. Inserting the SIM into the second slot did not either.

In the quick settings, there is no mobile data icon, and in the internet settings, “Appels et SMS” and “Profils SIM” are grayed out.

At the top of the locked screen / quick settings menu, I have an error message: “Carte non reconnue. — Appels d’urgence uniquement” (Unrecognized card — Emergency calls only). When the card is removed, I have only “Appels d’urgence uniquement”.
So actually, the card is detected.

I can provide more information if you tell me what would be useful.

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Android 12 by default combines the Mobile data and the Wi-Fi toggle into the Internet toggle, but you can bring the old toggles back into the menu … Strange system icons pull down menu - #13 by AnotherElk

I would like to have further software ideas about this, but I don’t, perhaps others can come up with something.

As for the hardware side …

You could try whether it makes a difference to put the card into the other SIM slot.

If it was me, I would get a new SIM card from my provider for further testing.
You can of course try to check how a different SIM card behaves in your phone, and how the unrecognised SIM card behaves in a different phone. But even if this then looks conclusive and the SIM card doesn’t seem to be the culprit, it could still be the culprit, stranger things have happened. So the only way to really rule out the SIM card would be getting a new one … or finding a software cure.