GPS not working : hardware or software issue?

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For few days my GPS is not working on any apps.

In Magic Earth i get a message “No GPS position”, even if i enable GPS search using wifi and bluetooth.

My phone fell on the ground this week, there is a very little impact at the bottom of the phone but all was working fine, … maybe GPS component is broken ? I don’t know … any idea about how i could check if it hardware/software issue ?

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Hello, what is your /e/ version and what phone are you using please ?


I am using /e/ OS 0.12-2020093076095 on a Samsung A5 (SM-A520F)

Has the issue started with 0.12 ?

Here is a related issue :


Yes it started after this update.
I’m not the author of this post but the issue is the same : no gps even if i enable everything.

I am not using much GPS and i even disabled high precision features (bluetooth wifi) and blocked mosyt of the apps with trust.

But now i enabled all again and disabled trust but gps doesn’t work.

I can get some logs if needed.

Do you think that a reinstall might help or maybe uninstalling this update ?

There are issues with v0.12 causing builds to fail or show un expected behavior. The build has been removed from our servers. Expect the team to come out with a fresh, working build this coming week.

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This is still happening to me on 0.13, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 X, Android 7.1.2

It’s being very frustrating, any advices?

EDIT: if I go to another street GPSTest says there’s connection with satellites, but any map does not geolocate me. Also, I cannot use an app that requires geolocation

I saw a thread where someone solved partially this problem by editing gps.conf: GPS won't fix on cancro (Xiaomi mi4)

Other threads:

This is a really, really extended problem and in my opinion, great and considerable problem

Hello everyone, i come back with some news and a solution.

@Anonyme : I did a full reset by installing original Samsung official ROM on my Samsung A5 2017. Even on the original ROM GPS isn’t working, i think that my problem is not related to /e/ but is an hardware issue (GPS didn’t worked after my phone fell on the ground in October few days before i started this topic). Today i put back /e/ last version (0.13).

For everyone on this topic i have a temporary (and funny) solution that is working even for driving with GPS : i’m using an external bluetooth device with GPS high precision (my jabra headphone has a GPS chip, but i think that if you have things like smartwatch it might work too). I used it in my car, the headphone needed to be working on the road all the time but i was able to use GPS efficiently on my phone ahaha !

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