How to make Advanced Privacy work with work profiles using Shelter

I’ve just installed /e/OS S 1.7 and I’m really into the Advanced Privacy app.
However, I’ve had to install Shelter to use work-related apps like Teams and MS365 accounts. Now, When turning on the Advanced Privacy tracker blocker, the Microsoft apps inside shelter obviously won’t work anymore.
So inside Shelter, I cloned the Advanced Privacy app to configure stuff inside the work profile, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work since AP doesn’t even recognize the apps that need to be turned off for tracker blocking.

Does anyone have any experience with using AP combined with Shelter / work profiles?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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when I looked at this in MS Teams/Outlook/Authenticator inside Shelter there was work to improve the Shelter behaviour - Advanced Privacy doesn't identify trackers in pro profile (Shelter) (#5648) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

If you read the gitlab issue on what jacquarg is commenting you’ll get an idea of what the current limitation is… it seems the use-case of “whitelisting a tracker for an app in a work-profile” isn’t accounted for yet

Trackers control: the first Advanced Privacy instance to start is the one which take the control around tracker detection and blocker. It should be the one from Main profile.