Is it possible or will it be possible to get an OTA upgrade from Q to R or S?

Currently I am using the latest 1.7 version Q but the LineageOS (Quince Tart) is no longer officially supported: LineageOS - Wikipedia

So to my question, is there an upgrade option without having to reset the entire phone?

In the list of supported devices is also listed only the Q version, does it mean that my phone will always remain on Android 10?

Which device do u use??

I personally use the Samsung Galaxy S9+, but the question does not only refer to this one model.

There are only a few devices that qualify for an OTA upgrade,
you can follow in this topic which devices :

In the case of the Galaxy S9+, there will likely be an upgrade to Android 11.


Will Android 11 be the last upgrade, or will we get 12, or later ones?

Any idea on time scales?