OnePlus 8 fingerprint scanner stopped working

The story behind this delay is all the more weird. I had an Oneplus 8. The developer was in Egypt. I sent the device to him. The travel time from Mumbai to Cairo took 3 days. The delay in Cairo customs took 1 month! Finally, he got the device a couple of weeks back and should be now working on the fix. Will get an update and report back by Monday. Next time, I guess we will ask the developer to do a local purchase of the device instead of sending by courier.

Hi @lT0 @android86ad @paulk There is an update on this issue. The fix should be available with the v1.5 stable builds for OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro. The fix will come on the dev builds as part of v1.6


Thank you for helping us. Glad this is finally sorted out, can’t wait to get the update. It’s indeed a whole story behind it, bad that it take 1 month at customs…

Any idea on when we will see a push update?

The date for the v1.6 release is yet to be decided.

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Fingerprint works now with 1.5r stable. Great job eTeam!!

How do I know if I am running stable or beta?

First there is Different Build Types

There is a link to Android and /e/ versions here e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers? - #3 by aibd
and a fuller explanation here [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

… but beta is arguably a sub-version of dev.

Beta is fairly sound in general, but at one time was thought to be “development” but perhaps requiring verification ?

Beta is revealed in the info and / or install page for your device here Smartphone Selector

Go to settings → about phone → android version and there you can see /e/OS version. Mine is:


I just sideloaded the stable build yesterday and now fingerprint works.

I had the 1.6 update 1hour ago trough the update setting. Still doesn’t work for me sadly. Now I’m back where I was in the beginning a updated phone without a fingerprint reader that works… It’s just the same issue. On the lockscreen it’s blinking from hardware not found to scan fingerprint. This continually on repeat

If you download the easy installer to a computer and install the stable version the fingerprint sensor will work with stable 1.5. If you want to keep your data skipping the factory reset step will keep your data.

I’m on stable 1.5 and it’s working great.


I hope the dev version 1.7 can fix the fingerprint sensor issue.

Thanks gonna try this tommorow. Do you know if it also works to a roll back because now I’m on 1.6 dev? In worse case I have to begin from scratch. But Knowing it wil work on the 1.5 is okay I guess. The installer is for windows? Never done it before, always flashed my roms with adb so first time doing this

Yes, it will roll back. The installer uses adb but is automated for user friendly and ease of use.

As you check out Easy Installer, expect to find that Easy Installer will guide you to Format data.

If you are using eCloud aka certain things will be preserved.

Be sure to have a backup of your important stuff before you commit.

Like I said just skip the step to format your phone and your data will be saved.

I wonder @android86ad if you have changed from the dev channel to stable channel ?

It may be the case that not very many experienced /e/ users have made this change. I would be optimistic that many apps will transfer successfully.

@lT0 in case some apps do not transfer nicely, perhaps take a backup of “important things”.

I will try this tommorow after work and reply back here. So to hear it will be a easy process. I will take a backup just to be sure. It’s not alot of work so I don’t mind. And no I’m not using the cloud backup I just use /e/os not there store, not there launcher, etc. Thanks in advance I’ll report back tommorow

The user data that is wiped with a factory reset is not part of the ROM. A ROM update will flash if you wipe the data or not. They are 2 different partitions. The update channel is encoded in the ROM update.