Stock GS290 Rom anyone?

Hi all
I’m having a bad time with my new GS290 and now need to spflash recovery. But…the link on this forum to the GS stock rom is now not working- it starts and fails.
Does anyone have that GS290 zip?


AndroidFileHost is currently working very bad, it happens regularly.
I have a very slow download of in progress (only available from USA VA mirror), I think it’ll go better when Americans will go to sleep :wink:

OK thanks, I’ll try again later.

Here you are : Jaguar Network - Share

MD5 : 85AADDAF838324919FECDD1E5EB1923B

Please be aware that this share will end in 180 days.


Thanks a million. I can now try to save my brick!


If it can help : /e/ installé avec easy installer sur GS290... le téléphone ne démarre plus - #17 by smu44

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It certainly does. Thank you. I will try this afternoon.

Is there a way to remove the small writing on powering on saying “orange state etc…” because I wanted to return the phone after doing this rescue.

I’ll try what’s described here.

Ah in that case the answer will be no. That message will always appear.
In which case, after hopefully successfully un-bricking the GS290 I will this time install /e/.

Honestly, I’m not sure :woozy_face:
Maybe performing the fastboot method with a stock ROM (and disabling Developer mode after) worth a try …

Successfully un-bricked my GS290 using Windows 10 and the sp flash recovery tool. A huge relief.

I un-ticked the “preloader” option as advised on the spflash recovery website bit not on /e/

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I have a question.
Now that you have reinstalled the original rom, have you been able to compare the photo apps? Indeed, I would be curious to see the result with the original application which allows to use dual lenses (which does not allow with opencamera)

As such, is it possible to get the APK of this original app ? (I contacted gigaset by mail, but I didn’t get any answer).



Sorry not there yet! Still trying to get /e/ installed.

Sorry, /e/ is installed already on the only GS290 available to me.
Didn’t try the Google Cam app :frowning:

Finally made it in to the /e/ ecosphere.
Not exactly plain sailing…

How to get Camera apk using Windows :

  • get ROM .zip file (obviously :wink: )
  • get Extractor v3.6
  • extract vendor.img from .zip file, rename it system.img
  • run extractor (system.img)
  • I think that Camera apk is app\EmCamera\EmCamera.apk, not sure …

Note : this app may not work without appropriate firmware/driver/libraries !

Very useful, thank you. I might give this a try.

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Thanks a lot !! It is very useful

If the previous JN link is expired, you can use this one : Jaguar Network - Share

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Renewed mirror here : Jaguar Network - Share