Will Tablets eventually be supported?

I was just skimming through the supported devices list and I came to the conclusion that they were all phones–if not mostly.

My question is then pretty straight-forward:

Will tablets eventually be supported?

Yes, the /e/ road map starts with smartphones and moves ahead to other devices at a later stage. At present the team is busy with the development and testing for version 1.0 release which is due in February 2019. We will be updating our road map on the website https://e.foundation/e-solutions/ with details of how /e/ plans to develop and move ahead. At present our focus is on smartphones.

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Sounds good! :ok_hand:

Hello Manoj,

You talk about v 1.0 release due in february 2019 we are near april 2019. SO I have another question (don’t finbd another place to ask), how late will it be, can we hope it before summer on smartphone ? For tablets is quite far by now.

This question is discussed e.g. in

Hi @ecoenergie38 , @ff2u I agree with you. We missed the deadline by a huge margin. V1 was actually planned for January 2019! Now we are reaching April. Q1 is almost over and we are still testing. The problem is we have a small development team as of today which has to handle the defects on the Gitlab + new innovations + enhancements. This stretches timelines. We should have the release ready before summer.
We have plans on adding to the development team in the near future. That is keeping in view future development including upgrade to Pie and making the ROM more robust and flexible for the user. An OS which can be used on Tablets as well as laptop is definitely on our roadmap.


Check this link

Are there still only unofficial builds for tablets?

Only unofficial but fonctionnal

Can you tell me an unofficial build for a tablet where everything works?

I mean everything, cam, microphone, sensors, rotation, fast charging, etc.

You could change the launcher if you need a landscape desktop.

You could find Samsung Tab S or S2 for 100/200€


Definitions: Custom vs Unofficial vs Official

A custom build is a build that is using most of the /e/ source code to generate a new ROM. It can be modified in any manner by the developer, for any purpose.

An unofficial /e/ build is a build from the /e/ source code that is intended to generate the /e/ ROM for a new, not yet supported, device. It’s not been approved officially and is not included yet to the list of official /e/ ROMs. It can be published publicly, tagged as “unofficial”.

An official /e/ build is an unofficial build from the /e/ source code that has reached a sufficient level of quality and has been validated. It has been published publicly as an official build on /e/ websites.

Requirements for differents builds:

  • Custom builds : if the source code has been modified and if the ROM is redistributed, we have several requirements:
    • any reference to /e/, including “/e/”, and our logo must be removed from the build
    • the redistribution must not let people think that it is /e/. The name must be changed and possibly say that it’s been forked from /e/
    • calls to our OTA server infrastructure should be removed
    • Custom ROMs can be built on /e/ servers only for exceptional reasons (special development…).
  • Unofficial /e/ builds : source code can be modified only to reach full support on the target device. /e/ features, list of installed apps etc. shouldn’t be modified. Unofficial builds can be published on the /e/ website at a specific place with warnings and a list of what works/what doesn’t work. It doesn’t have nightly builds nor OTA updates.
  • Official /e/ builds : the level of quality must have reached our conditions. It must have an official maintainer. Official builds have nightly builds and can be updated OTA. Source code have to be hosted on our GitLab instance, or on trusted sources (LineageOS GitHub group, AOSP).
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I see, thanks.
If I understand correctly, it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 the best tablet right now to use with e, where all the hardware parts are working fine.

No, I don’t know if it is the best,
it is just the easyest to find second hand

On my nexus10 all us working. On a tablet you have to replace bliss. I’m using total launcher

On the nexus 10 is really everything working?
Screen rotation?
Battery management? Is that correct?

MicroPhone I haven’t tested. But everyhing else is working. Batterie management is as worst as ever on N10

Which camera applications do you use and which launcher?
I think microphone is so bad that it is not usable.

Open camera and Total Launcher

Interesting, Open Camera says the Cam is not available. At least on the unofficial build. Maybe it needs tweaking somewhere.

I must confess, I no longer use the N10. The battery is dead after half an hour.