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Please share feedback on v1. 21 build for your device and let us know how it is working with applications that you use.

  • The release will be staggered over the next couple of days starting from 26 Mar up to 1 Apl.
  • The release will start during the second half of 26 Mar, EU working hours.
  • The release notes will show up here once we initiate the release
  • To report issues with the build or applications raise an issue on gitlab

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  • I have updated to v1.21 on my device and it is working well
  • I updated to v1.21 but I am having issues (Please share the issue details on this thread)
  • I am not able to update to v1.21 (Please share the issue details on this thread)
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Vendor Name: Fairphone
Device name: Fairphone 5
Device CodeName: FP5
Previous Version of /e/OS: 1.20-t (stable)
Rooted: No

OTA update OK.

Note : I used the test channel to get 1.21-t stable build in advance.

An issue that affects me since 1.19.1-t (initial install from Stock FPOS A.141) is still in 1.21-t:

Issue that seem to have been fixed with this patch :

Current state: Usable with workarounds (rebooting the phone on bug occurrence).

Vendor name: TeraCube
Device name: 2e (2021)
Device CodeName: emerald
Previous Version of /e/OS: v1.20.0
Rooted: no

No battery usage statistics
No USB Host

I have not yet received an update to V1.21-S, but even with version 1.18-S there is no USB host (for USB stick, etc.) available.

/e/OS: v1.18-S

Vendor name: TeraCube
Device name: 2e (2021)
Device CodeName: emerald
Previous Version of /e/OS: v1.18-S
Relocked Bootloader: yes
Rooted: no

Battery usage statistics: yes

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Vendor Name: Fairphone
Device name: Fairphone 5
Device CodeName: FP5
Previous Version of /e/OS: 1.20-t (stable)
Rooted: No

OTA still slow but ok
Apart from that, all FP5 bugs are still present

No VoWiFi
No Visual Voicemail in Phone for CricKet

No FM radio (analog) available

Fairphone | FP3+ | FP3 | previously on /e/OS 1.20-t-20240222382228-dev-FP3 | not rooted

Update (dev) became available briefly after midnight (Germany time), installed without major problems. I did get (twice) an error message “Android Web View was repeatedly stopped“ (my translation) during the installation process (apparently without affecting the latter). Device remained cool. Did not explode.

EDIT 12 hours on:
Not an issue, but an observation. I’ve got the Telephone+LTE icon in my status bar for the first time now (note: I have data and Wi-Fi off).


I assume this indicates my calls are enhanced by VoLTE now? Any suggestions how to handle this (like will it impact battery)?


No update for AsusSake zenfone 8 ?
still 1.19.1

1.19.1 would mean you are still on Android 12 (S) according to

Upgrading to the new underlying Android 13 (T) and with this to /e/OS 1.20 or now 1.21 on your phone means installing manually. Remember to backup your important stuff on the phone to a safe place beforehand.


I think the new feature is just that the icon is being displayed. You may have been using VoLTE even before. At least that is how I interpret this item in the release notes: when Voice over LTE option is available to make a call, an icon appears in the status bar.


Thank you very much! I actually did check the Release Notes, but missed that bit – always good to have a second look (or a second pair of eyes :wink: :+1: ).

Fairphone 5 (not rooted), attempting upgrade from 1.20-t.
The update is not coming up even after repeated refreshes.
Will try later.

Are you on the dev or on the stable version? (If you bought the FP5 from Murena, you are on stable)
As of now, v1.21 is not available yet for stable.

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I see. I’m on stable yes.

Strange, i’m on stable (20240323388918) but my FP5 is just a normal one or ist this another “stable”?

Galaxy S9+
1.20T (dev)
Device unlocked

I’m glad to report that the horrible “self”-discharge of 1.20T seems to be gone now (1.21T).

Vendor Name: Motorola
Device name: G5
Device CodeName: cedric
Previous Version of /e/OS: 1.20-r
Rooted: No

no Wi-Fi, always showing “Turning on…” but nothing happens, finds no networks.
have to recover to 1.20 :frowning:

  • Vendor Sansung
  • Device name S10+
  • Device CodeName beyondlte2
  • Version of /e/OS or Stock which existed previously 1.20 → 1.21
  • Is the device Not rooted

Works perfectly

  • Vendor Name: Samsung
  • Device name: S10e
  • Code name: beyond0lte
  • Version of /e/OS which existed previously: 1.20-t
  • Not rooted

No issues so far. Thanks for good work to the team!
It seems the rapid battery discharge below 1.20 has fortunately returned to normal.

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