Murena & /e/OS — a product roadmap for 2022: towards our V1?


It’s interesting to have a look back at our past year roadmap: most of the features we announced are either done or close to be completed, which is not too bad! The two things that show very little progress are the Smart Assistant project, and the energy efficiency project.

For others items, we have started to introduce better compatibility with Android applications (SafetyNet support), first for the stable devices, and later, progressively, for as many supported smartphones as possible.

We will also soon be offering a much larger and transparent access to mobile applications, with our new application installer called “App Lounge”. On this aspect, even if we didn’t have a single case of tampered application during the past three years, we’re progressively abandoning our dependency to the “CleanAPK” service. CleanAPK is still going to be used momentarily for the catalog of apps coming from F-Droid and Progressive Web Apps, but will be totally abandoned this year.

Our new Application Installer: App Lounge

We are also finalizing the integration of our “Privacy Central” application (that won’t be called like this): it is going to offer sophisticated features related to tracker management, and other cool features… :shushing_face:

/e/OS’ new Privacy app

Other features that should arrive soon include:

  • a new “BlissLauncher”, rewritten from scratch. It will be smoother to use and more stable.
  • a new “eDrive” service, that helps synchronizing documents, pictures and videos to the user’s private cloud. It will introduce instant synchronization and be more reliable.
  • a better link between /e/OS and the cloud. A widget will first show how much online storage remains available and progressively introduce additional features.

And of course, we are still improving the user interface and more generally the user experience of /e/OS and the cloud: we now have a dedicated team of experienced and enthusiastic designers and graphic designers for this. I’m pretty confident that Murena users are going to be impressed by what they see in the product sooner or later this year.

Online services

Although much of our development efforts go to /e/OS, which is a complex piece of software that must run on 250 different pieces of hardware, we have started to add a lot of additional resources to improve our online services, starting with the cloud. It will enjoy a full UI revamping, and progressively add new features. The reason behind this, is that we think that a credible and private cloud is bringing a lot of value to /e/OS users, by letting them synchronize online and manage their documents without compromising their data.

The new cloud user interface: work in progress from the design team!

Document editing in the cloud.

Some other progresses are already there, like with our metasearch engine “spot”, that is serving better results and is now more reliable than in its early days.

In terms of infrastructure, we’re also making it more reliable, scalable and secure, with a dedicated team and more servers. We are also making plans to add regional clusters that will make online services more performant for users not located in Europe.

A great feature for this year is also going to be the introduction of a “Single Sign On” feature, that will make easier the use of our various online services by using a single account instead of several ones. It will be a good opportunity to introduce the new domain alias, that users can use as an alternative to their address.

Towards a V1?

All put together, this should make it possible to release a V1 this year. It will be a big achievement for our project, that will celebrate its 5th birthday at the end of 2022! The time of maturity has arrived.

One of the challenges we still face is to be able to fix bugs (new bugs, old bugs, regressions…) in a timely manner. For this, we rely on our team of developers, of course, but also on the community of users and contributors. We have also recently opened a “bug bounty program” that hopefully will accelerate bug fixing.


In 2022, we are also going to start working on “End-to-end encryption” for the cloud services, as we got some financial support to develop this. And we are starting a new project to review and improve accessibility in /e/OS and our online services.

And the smartphones!

We are cooperating closer with our hardware partners, Fairphone and Teracube, in the EU and in the USA, to optimize /e/OS on their smartphones, and to add new models to the Murena catalog.


Murena Fairphone 4 with /e/OS

We are also seriously considering introducing our own smartphone this year… Stay tuned!

And always… our key drivers

Those three values are the pillars of our project, made for humans, by humans. It’s important to remind them:

Privacy: we believe that people have the right to have products and services that protect their data and offer them privacy by design, by opposition to privacy as a choice or even no privacy at all.

Facts: we support facts over claims. We are open source, because it’s the only way to offer true auditability of what happens in /e/OS and in the cloud (and /e/OS has been recognized for its privacy).

Sustainable development: we think that people deserve better digital products and services, with a reduced environmental footprint. We make it possible by extending the smartphone’s life with an up to date operating system, and because reduced data consumption results into decreased energy usage.

Gaël Duval
March 17th 2022

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Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Looks very promising! :+1:

Thx @GaelDuval

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Awesome! Enhanced privacy app sounds great! Much like iode . and doing a degoogled phone like the Brax2 phone is even better news.
Still Teracube and fairphone are great partners to be offered.


It’s all beautiful, of course, but I’d like to see an Android update as well. Some devices are still on 9-10, but now version 11 is the norm, and I’m sitting on 12 and can’t imagine a lower version. I and others have suggested at one time to test newer versions of Project Treble, but for them the /e/OS versions are not updated and this could somehow speed up the update. Especially now there is also Project Mainline, which is even more interesting. But for some reason these things have been avoided.

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Looking forward to see this happen someday! Thanks for everything, @GaelDuval and the /e/Team!

I’m really looking forward to this, I would assume this phone will also have vendor updates for a long time. Don’t know thought how long Fairphone and Teracube offers those.

If I could have a wish, I would hope 2 variants. Other with ~6,1" screen, max 15cm lenght, other one for those who prefers bigger screens. Both with removeable and quite big battery, self repairable and at least dome level IP rating, with using nanocoating on circuits if not more. And sure with good camera and camera app optimization, also for night scenes.

Looks really promising. Hope the new bliss will allow more customizations as well.

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Bigger than 6.1” ?

Get an iPad! :wink:

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Well I have bigger phone now and Samsung Galaxy S22 has 6,1" screen, as does Teracube 2e, so it not some utopia. There are plenty pf options for bigger screen, not so much for smaller.

You can carry 75" screen with you if you want, but I would like for a change to have smaller phone, but yep most likely some 6,43" is modern small device. Anyway it’s not away from you if there would be 2 options. In reality that is unlikely and even unsure will there be even one…

But I won’t continue more of this matter.

It’s fine with me if there will be two sizes, but I wish one were smaller than 5”.


Ok, I thought you meant opposite. I kind of understand bigger and bigger phones, but since testing GSI to my old phone that size felt just great if only better screen body ratio. Samsung Galaxy S22 would bw great for me, expect the price.

Oh and sorry if previous message “sounded” harsh, I’m not native English speaker and in my country we speak quite straight which, if translated as is might sound harsh.

Anyway even when I think under 5" would be too small, I undestand people who want that, or 6,7" too… comparison of these reminds me of:


Nice! I like OneDevice!

Hi Gaël,

Conserning the energy efficiency, here 2 simple sugestions :

  • add a FM radio application to the appstore. One can reduce network bandwidth consumption. Surprisingly, it is not included by defaut in eelo and there is currently no easy way to install such app.
  • battery charging range limited to 20-80%, maybe some phone as a software knob to control that.


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Looking forward to the improved Bliss. Had it crash once, on one of my 2 phones and it messed up all my folders, then OK for many months, then crashed yesterday, set app folders back up again today, and it crashed again!

There is entire big wish list in which i and many others placed their wish. Battery thing is mentioned there.
You also can add your wished features there.

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Hi Zeno,

Can you please share the link of the wish list?



Search results for 'My wish list' - /e/ community


Do you know of any such FM radio apps?
In general, if a device has hardware FM radio then the ROM usually comes with an app. Not sure about LineageOS though but ROMs based on it do or at least used to. They are also chipset-specific.

Actual (real) FM radio apps are few and far between. For my two Motorolas I can and have used RFM Radio (IzzyOnDroid F-Droid repo). It only supports Qualcomm Snapdragon devices.

The myriad of FM radio apps on the Play Store are streaming internet apps. Not the real deal. NextRadio is the only one that I know of that uses the FM chip, thus over-the-air. Been ages since I last checked it out.

On the Teracube 2e its FM radio app works fine. Just ttried NextRadio and failed. It “doesn’t have access to the FM radio receiver in your device”. It says the same on my Motorola.

So, what FM radio app are you referring to that should be made available in the app store? Not being flippant. I really wish there was a universal app that recognizes and uses all or at least most chipsets with built-in FM. To date I am not aware of any.

[ sorry for the constant re-edits ]


@marcdw, thanks for the long reply. I tried RFM Radio and NextRadio on Fairphone3, and both didn’t work.
I see this seems a lot more complicated than initially thougth. I bougth my fairphone with murena preinstalled, that would be nice to add one day the FM radio support.