S7 / S7 edge OS OTA testing time

:loudspeaker: We are looking for volunteers to help with the testing of the OS OTA upgrade testing for the s7 herolte and s7edge hero2lte. From Nougat to Q .
As you may be aware recently we released the OTA OS upgrade builds for the s9/ s9+. Based on that now we are moving to the s7/ s7edge
If you have a s7/s7 edge still on nougat and would like to help with the testing please send your details to testing@e.email

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I am on an inofficial “Q” version already. Would it make sense to participate ?

Same for me… Using an unofficial Pie build. But looking forward to official Q! Thanks for still supporting “old” devices.

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Me too. installed the dev version to my hero2lte. works great, love the project. let me know, if i can help…/

Im also on a unoffical Build Nougat Q. But i’m also interesting on OTA Testing,
how could i go to your offical Q-Build?

Are you guys making good progress @Manoj ?

Still looking for testers. The more the testers, the better the results.


Hey :wave:
I’m having a S7 (herolte) here that is on the dev-branch of oreo.
I could install nougat and would volunteer for testing!

You can send a mail to testing@e.email and the team will add you to the group.

Hi @Manoj ,
I sent a mail at the testing@e.email 2 days ago. I’ve got just a few days to try the test process with no stress.
May I help?
Thanks !

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Yes you certainly can help. Did you get a response from the testing team? Sharing your details with them separately as well.

Thank you @Manoj , I did eventually.
I’ve just to get a Telegram account to be part of the group.
Wish I could help !

Hi @Manoj is it already possible at this stage to estimate the release date of Android Q for the S7 ? I don’t have /e/ on my S7 and decided to wait until Q is out, to install it. To avoid too many moves, as I’m not very techy. (also, I would use the Easy Installer for best chances of success)

Will check and get back

Any chance to get it soon? Stock Android currently on my S7 is draining my battery in less than a day. I think /e/ can improve that (in addition to privacy of course)

Any news of Q on herolte ?


Do I understand that the Q build for Herolte will be /e/OS v.1.0 ?

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Yes, the Q builds for s7/s7+ will be on v1,0


Will the data and configuration still be available after upgrade from Nougat to Q on the S7?