[UNOFFICIAL-BUILD] for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (espresso3g-espressowifi)

First builded by @ Android-Andi as a test in June 2020



Removed packages on espresso3g
(else system.img is out of space):

  • PdfViewer
  • Terminal



Removed packages on espressowifi
(else system.img is out of space):

  • ESmsSync


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if someone want to build, updates, debugs, or improvements for this devices
sea this post for Sources

Grazie funziona benissimo su Tab 2 Gt-p3100 l’installazione è stata veloce ma l’avvio ci è voluto un po’ ma tutto ok.

For some of us, app and system crash appears after some hours / days of use,
for me i fist have some bugs when I want to play videos using vlc or gallery,
after that the device don’t react as i want, freeze, and I encountered systematic crashes.

See this post i a dufferent thread:

Here is a fix for the laggy bug on WiFi Models :



Spoiler Video :
Reggae Song homage to /e/OS and Android-Andi, tutorial and speed fix


There is a problem of the ROM being slow. This issue has been solved in this video above so, do watch it !

@Android-Andi for making this tablet live for such a long time. (Android 4.4 to 7.0 and also helped in making 8.0)

For me the device was buggy with the e-0.9-n-test version, slow with lineageOS 14.1, and only really works using CM13 Android-Andi’s based.

I don’t own the device for the time being, I have just sold my P3110, but with a linux OS installed on it. (i have ordered a P5100)

because the specs are not enought powerfull for modern Android, i dare to propose here something different than /e/OS (for this device)

The new main active xda supporters/contributors/developpers/maitainers of this device recently did a mainline linux kernel to be used with “postmarketOS” based on “Alpine-Linux”.
it is a third life for this device Thanks to @aat596 and @Migthy

xda thread : https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/linux-postmarketos-native-linux-on-samsung-galaxy-tab-2-unified.4171483

documentation : https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Main_Page

I could not find a way to deal with community pre-build .IMG (heimdall failed at 2%) but i have success building from sources with the help of the pmbootstrap tool (you don’t need a big machine as for android building)

You can find more discussions here on our forum about postmarketOS

Here are my builds for our lovely “espresso” :


Important Edit : for Wifi working,

you need to boot the device in TWRP,
then choose “reboot”/“system”


Hi @piero, so nice !!
the install is done through TWRP, with a zip-as-usual ?

Thank you

yes, instructions are quite similar, but effects are differents.

you have to wipe partitions as usual (especialy /cache), but then most important, you need to unmount all partitions before install postmarket OS from SDcard or by sideloading from the Computer.

as the device /system partition is too small (1.4GB), the zip will install postmarketOS into the device /data partition and will delete /internal storage (TWRP will show red error message about mounting storage impossible, it is expected)

to revert back to android, safest is to reflash stock Samsung firmware first and then flash custom OS (even if using the repair or changing partitions format should work)

Test in progress … :wink:

Xfce is booting ok but not phosh on my espresso 7.

I was not sure about Phosh because i have seen errors during the build, i will remove them from download,
a 2022.05.09 version from Mighty is available to test (yet only for espresso 7), many improvements have been made since, why i have tried to build recently

Edit :

i am proud to have found a simple way to use the PostmaketOS Community pre-build images on Samsung devices,
and even more : a smart way to easily switch between /e/OS and PostmarketOS

i have explained it there :


I am really impressed by the Phosh interface…


Congrats, @piero !!
It is great to see such an old device with a such good software !

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For a second I’d hoped it was for a Samsung Galaxy ACTIVE tab 2 (SM-T395).

But who knows…


i remember e-0.9-n-20200618-1754-UNOFFICIAL-espressowifi was anormaly slow and freezing on my p3110, but i don’t see such problems running e-0.9-n-20200618-1939-UNOFFICIAL-espresso3g on my p5100
on the other hand, only difference between the two devices is the modem


So install :
if you use one of the Android-Andi’s builds for the “Galaxy Tab 2”, (e-0.9-n-20200618) you can install his Over-Clocked kernel :
AnyKernel-2019-04-11-espresso-OC-UV.zip (2x 1,350 Ghz instead of 2x 1,000 Ghz)