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Hello guys !

I’ve been looking for some launcher similar to bliss and as secure as it, that would support Icon pack changing. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one that could replace bliss as I don’t like those I saw x).
So I wanted to know if there is a way, or a future update, which would allow me to change apps icon for a better customization. I like the appearance of bliss launcher, but changing the apps icon would make my phone more personal.

Greetings !


For the reference, the official project: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/BlissIconPack.

You may file an enhancement issue in backlog for your request: https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues.

If you have some dev skills, you can:

  • clone the project, change some icons, build it
  • install it on your device as a system app

Also, you may also change files directly on your device, but this may require a recovery R/W access to system partition, and won’t last an update…

I think lawnchair v12 (launcher3 based) is nice, has icon packs and allows for individual app icons (long-press, touch the current icon). Download from their page or github releases.

Well, I think that would be better if I could keep the same launcher and then change the icons @tcecyk . If I believe the link you sent me @smu44, this is only the basic icon pack… What I would like to do is to custom the icons. By the way, what is installing the pack as a system app ?
Thanks for your answer !

Bliss deliberately does not encourage or allow this at user level. I think the “look and feel” of Bliss is meant to be encouraging for those migrating from iPhone.

At user level if you want /e/ to look more personal for you really just need an alternative launcher ← may be suggestions on similar threads.

Okay, I understand.
As I migrated from iPhone, I can tell you that yes, it definitely makes us feel home. I have already been looking for another launcher, but it’s difficult to find one without trackers, open-source and that I would like… I’m going to look at your thread;
Thanks for your help !

Some tips here: How to add system apps (priv-app) on Fairphone 3 (FP3)? and here: Adding system (priv-)app after installation.
But if you are not familiar, better keep your hands away of it :wink:

This one might fit the bill in some ways, but just not open source and just not much info about it:

Accent color is a huge wish on my side, but even more is a custom Grid-Pattern!

A few years ago there was Lawndesk: Android launcher without app drawer based on Lawnchair.
It used to be on Play Store. Still is via direct links.

I mentioned it in an old thread with screenshots.
Lawndesk launcher - Community / Gallery - /e/OS community

It had a few bugs back then. No idea how well it would work today.

There are launchers that I think have the option to act like iOS/Bliss style. Nova is one I think.

I finally decided to use lawnchair2 with the Arcticons app, and I must tell that I’m not unhappy of the result, that does something interesting.
Just disappointed that bliss isn’t supported by those kinds of apps…
It’s quite difficult to find an open-source launcher that is still supported and developed by people. Either they are not open-source and have an aesthetic presentation, or they are open-source but no longer developed and not really beautiful in my opinion. Anyway, I did my way with lawnchair2, but still hoping for more personalization on the default package of /e/.
Is there on this forum a thread where all the good open-source launcher have been listed ?

Not that I’m aware of. A number of old individual threads but no central source.
Could go through [LIST] Recommended FOSS Applications to see what launchers some folks may be using.

Just for looks there’s the screenshot galleries here and here

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