Week 15, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

Release Information


What will come in this build

This list will be update as we will add remove issues based on testing results

:nerd_face:Each build has multiple iterations of testing. This is why you see multiple entries for each build in the milestones.

Release Notes of previous builds

Devices that missed v1.9

  • FP3 - stable and dev /e/eOS S builds were released late last week

    • v1.9.1 was released specific for the FP3.
  • Oneplus 7T hotdogb …missing the /e/OS S build in stable. Dev was released. Internal issue around this created and assigned in team. ETA and plan to be decided.

  • zuk z2_plus…clubbed in the issue created for hotdogb

In case your device is missing on v1.9, please do let me know in this thread.

Previous 5 releases & user feedback

Some interesting updates coming soon

Status : :green_circle: Development and testing

  • /e/OS T or Android 13
  • New and improved version of the Bliss Launcher
  • An /e/OS T build for a tablet. Will share tablet name once we have the final builds ready

The initial builds look promising. Expect the release in about 1-2 months.


Testers required

:point_right: GS290 OS OTA upgrade testing.

:point_right: User on the verizon network in the US, Testing new devices being released in the US.

What we look for in the testers


Murena cloud update / upgrade

  • Nextcloud 24.0.10 upgrade and a bunch of other fixes have been implemented
  • Check out the details of what has been updated or upgraded here


Self-hosted eCloud upgrade




Status: :green_circle: Released

  • Download here
    • Sources available here
    • version is /e/OS Q (A10)
    • S (A12) and R (A11) version of GSI yet to be planned. Awaiting developer availability


OS OTA upgrades

Status: :green_circle: Complete


  • Oneplus nord aviccii >> A12(stable)
  • FP4 >> R ( A11) to S (A12)stable
  • FP3 >> R (A11) to S (A12) stable
  • FP3 >> Q (A10) to R (A11) stable
  • OnePlus Nord >> Q ( A10) to R (A11) (stable build)
  • Samsung s7 / s7+ >> Nougat (A7) to Q (A10)
  • Samsung s9 / s9+ >> Oreo (A8) to Q (A10)
  • Samsung s8 /s8+ >> Pie (A9) to R (A11) OTA upgrade

Under development

  • Galaxy S9/S9+ Q (A10)→ Android 11 (R)
  • GS290 Q (A10)→ Android 11 (R) :new: Testing to start


Upgrade your device :information_source:

  • As mentioned previously we are dropping support of multiple OS versions on the same device.
  • Upgrade your device to the latest OS version available. For example if /e/OS R (Android 11) builds are available for your /e/OS Q (Android 10) build, upgrade to the latest version which in this case would be A11.


Support dropped :cry:

/e/OS support has been dropped for these devices

  • All Nokia devices
    • It is not possible to officially unlock Nokia bootloaders + lack of dedicated maintainer
  • Google Google Nexus 7 2013 flox
    • Device has partition size issues. Not able to build /e/OS ROMs for this device even with minimal build

:nerd_face: Minimal build is a setting in /e/OS build which removes the following default applications ( LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather )from the source code and builds a smaller version of the ROM.


Check realtime availability of /e/OS and related services websites

eCloud related websites

/e/OS related

OS upgrade info specific to the FP3 The FP3 OTA OS update from Pie to Q/R is not possible as encryption method changed on FP3 between Pie and Q/R. It is not possible to change the method while updating. The team spent a great deal of time on this, but has not been able to resolve this problem. For now, the manual process is the only way to upgrade the FP3 from pie to other OS versions.
End of official support for Nougat, Oreo and Pie 😞 For Pie, Oreo and Nougat the official /e/OS support draws to a close.

Reasons for dropping official support are:

  • newly released applications like App Lounge, Advanced privacy code has not been customized for these OS versions.
  • lack of dedicated ROM Maintainers
  • no support upstream (Lineage dropped support for Pie sometime back)
  • device trees will continue to exist in the Gitlab and users with build skills can create custom ROMs on these builds
  • Security patches and vendor patches for the Pie, Oreo and Nougat code will be updated based on availability.

:nerd_face: Google stops security patches for OS after some time. Similarly, Vendors drop support for older models when they release newer models in the market. Then it depends on developers from various communities to backport the patches.

Device and Vendor specific Announcements

:loudspeaker: Gigaset GS290

  • We have stopped the sales of the Gigaset GS290 on the eSolutionsShop as the vendor has stopped production of the device. We will continue support for existing users.

:loudspeaker: Message being shared on the request of our vendor partners

  • Vendors whose phones we sell on our eSolutions Store do not directly sell /e/OS flashed devices.
  • The vendors only sell their devices with their own stock ROM.
  • To get pre flashed /e/OS phones, you have to purchase them from the eSolutions Shop.

:loudspeaker: /e/OS Pre flashed device sales

  • We sell directly in EU, US, Canada.
  • Find details of what devices are available in which countries here eSolutions Shop.
  • In Australia we do not sell directly. You can purchase preflashed /e/OS devices from this site

:loudspeaker: Murena One released
A phone from Murena with /e/OS installed has been launched and is available for purchase. Check the device specs here

Expect more device releases from Murena in future :grinning:

:nerd_face: Murena is the brand name and /e/OS is the operating system.

/e/OS Links


  • Facing issues with devices you purchased from us ? Send a mail with details to helpdesk@e.email


Telegram Channel

Social Media


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Thank you @Manoj for this weekly updates.

Would it be possible to make “not confidential” the v1.10 release plan? The last one made available was v1.8. @rhunault @nicofonk

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Do you mean the milestone information ? v1.10 has not been released as yet, so does not have a release plan. We share the release notes after a build is released, for example here

No, i do mean release plan, like this one: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/6512

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Hi Manoj, no v1.9 R for the Google Pixel 4a 5G Bramble.

Thanks in advance !

1.9 S is available.

quick question: do all devices get 1.9.1? On my Oneplus 5 (cheeseburger) 1.9 is the latest.

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The release plan or v1.8 should be accessible to all now. Pl can you check again and let me know.

v1.8 release plan has been available for all since 2 month ago. I was speaking about v1.10.

Hence this comment I guess

I really hope the battery issues from 1.9 will be addressed as a couple users of different devices have told their tale in the feedback thread. Not being able to use the phone most of the day because in standby it drains within 6 hours to 0% is not something I want for another update.

I will try to rephrase the question and explain better.

There are two different things:

The first one is a Release Plan (e.g. v1.8), used by developers to assess the evolution of a release and with a timeline for the release. It is usually confidential and then days before the release it is marked non-confidential.

The second one is a kind of changelog made available with the release.

So… when I say “release plan”, I’m referring to the first one, that was made available to the public until v1.8 but not for v1.9 and v1.10 (at least not yet).


Hello Manoj, regarding dropping OS versions for some devices. Can you explain how it will work in regards stable and dev? On some devices (sunfish) there is a dev S but stable is on R.

The builds will always be on the highest OS version. In case we have a device like the sunfish which has a stable on R we will try to get the build on S or T when that comes in. Until then, the R stable build will continue to be updated with each subsequent release.

Upgrade here means OS upgrade from R to S and so on
Update here means same version OS update, for example v1.8 to v1.9


Thanks @manoj for the update about selfhosted :smiley_cat:

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Thanks @smu44 for your assistance with the self-hosting code related development.

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