Issue with no connectivity for users still on old builds post release of v2.0

The problem is that the wifi connection blockage seems not to allow upgrades or updates of apps anymore. So it’s impossible to install anything on the device.

However the posts that follow show that an phone on 0.19-o-20211023142277-stable-starlte did receive the OTA upgrade, it may or may not be related but in early attempts to troubleshoot the “wifi connection” issue the router was reset. However the captiveportal_urls solution above may also bump the System updater into action, perhaps.

if you use the method to set your own captiveportal urls (either by that app or via adb) the wifi issue will be gone

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The solution with captiveportalcontroller seems to work. After the APK install of the app, and its configuration (and reboot), the wifi networks are detected and running without “no access to internet”.
I will try to study with more time the source of this problem and the threads :slight_smile:
Warm thanks guys…

After deblocking the capture portal issue (and deleting cache/settings of the /e/OS updater), the updates of OTA Android remain still unavailable.
Is there another way to update?

The standard way to Upgrade Android version is to ensure you have essentials backed up, Edit, return the device to Stock Rom [1], follow the install instructions (just as a fresh install), including Format data, then restore the backup.

One can see the published builds for dream2lte stable here. There is no need to incrementally upgrade. Take either latest v2.0-r or one down v1.21-r.

[1] Device dependent, It is wise to check Settings > About phone > Tap Android version and check your Vendor Security Patch Level and Baseband version. You can check with a Firmware source like one of these

to ensure you are on the latest firmware. If you are on latest firmware release (SW-rev) you may omit return to Stock ROM before you upgrade.

However I would wait 24 - 48 hours in case the OTA Upgrade arrives, or in case devs decide to put the service online on account of several stable users having missed it earlier.

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Excellent, thanks !
It’s just a shame that there’s no reasonable upgrade path for /e/OS 0.23 to Android 10, etc.

Which device do you have?

One of our phones is a Fairphone 3 running a rather fossil version 0.23, which does not propose any OTA updating.
As we also have Fairphones 3 running /e/ version 2.0 we do know ths is possible.
But (if possible) we would rather avoid a complex load-it-through-the-computer process…

What would be your advice?

Thank you!

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You have to install/update it manually. There are lots of posts on this forum.

If you are on stable, they couldn’t create a OS OTA upgrade because encryption changes from Fairphone.

If dev, then the reason is with dev there is no OTA


If you are lucky, there might be an /e/ user community nearby which might be willing to assist with the endeavour of manual installation: /e/OS user communities

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There is more than one situation for this: stable or dev / Android 9 (Pie) or Android 10 Q)


Perhaps you could define the issue with [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc

Did your phone miss an OTA Upgrade which should have been delivered? As I understand it this would only have been the case with Android 10 (Q) stable.


Hello everyone,
Thank you everyone with the support ! Unfortunately, no community nearby…

The phone in question is mine, so I will try to answer the questions. My versionOS is 0.23-p-20220406176461-stable-FP3. It last updated on april 6, 2022. Since then, it tells me that there is no update available.

Thank you again for hte help,

It’s an FP3. I tried clearing the cache and data of the Upgrade app, but nothing new appeared.

Hi @florent5 welcome to the /e/ forum.

The pie to Android 10 (Q) turned out to be the blocker. So you should really be looking at a new install. Users sometimes seem to worry about lock and unlock stage, but it is really quite black and white.

You will have to Format data, so you need to prepared for that.

Firstly is your phone locked ?

Can you find your way to your device pages by searching from ?

Can you boot your phone into bootloader (just to explore) and then boot to system to get out of bootloader ?

The bootloader view includes the “locked status”.

Are you using the cloud successfully ? Anything you see there from your PC will be synced back to your phone after your clean install

Prepare anything else you need to backup. Search for recent backup threads on the forum.

Here is a useful tutorial [HOW-TO] Flash /e/-OS on Fairphone 3 using Debian based GNU/Linux


You deleted the post where you disclosed you were on pie – no OTA upgrade was offered there. I just gave a rundown on another thread

Deleted broken links.

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I have a samsung galaxy s9-star2lte refurbished by /e/ and after a travel (airplane mode) I noticed that now the network and wifi icons display a small cross. The wifi icon shows : connected, no Internet access, even though I do have Internet access!
How do I get back to normal display ?

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Users of several other devices would be or would have been glad to get the same upgrade path the FP3 got.
It’s of course unfortunate that OTA upgrading (via the updater) from Android 9 to 10 turned out not to be possible technically, but as if getting upgrades at all was not enough, from Android 10 on the FP3 on the stable release channel got OTA upgrades to Androids 11, 12 and 13.

If you think a new install isn’t a reasonable path forward, just wait for a device to teach you that you can be in for a new install nonetheless when the device just fails you from one moment to the next. Owning a smartphone you need to be prepared for this scenario anyway :person_shrugging:.

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I am think there are 4 threads that sound similar to what you report. I gave this response to the latest

That Gitlab issue does now contain a fix, but really upgrading is the real solution.

What build type and Android version are you using.

Go to Settings > About phone > Tap on Android version > Attempt to long press on /e/OS version to copy to clipboard or else please write it out in this format


Some users who are still on older builds are complaining about no connectivity post release v2.0.
Combining all the posts into this one thread so that the information is not lost.

  • The issue resolves if the user upgrades the device to newer build versions. This could in some cases require manual flashing. This involves backing up data.

  • Some hacks to continue working with older versions have been posted on this forum. The development team does not recommend using any hacks to continue old builds.

  • The recommendation is to upgrade your device to latest builds as available.

  • By continuing on older builds, you are missing out on newer security patches.

Issue on Gitlab

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