List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 2)

Warning: The information in this post maybe outdated. Please check the posts on the forum for latest custom build information.

Here is a complete list of unofficial /e/ builds with some informations attached. Unofficial builds are made by the community and aren’t officially supported by the e Foundation.

:warning: Neither the maintainer nor the e Foundation can be held responsible in case of any problem with those builds. Backup, read the build’s topic, flash at your own risk, and make sure to know how to restore your device to its original state in case of any trouble :warning:

Please leave a comment on the original build’s topic you will try in order to have a list of things working or not to help other users and the maintainer. It’s especially true if everything works, this way the build would become a good candidate to be official.

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e-0.13 : /e/ version
-q : Android version (nougat, oreo, pie or q for Android 10)
-20201102 : date of the build (yyyymmdd)
-UNOFFICIAL : branch of the build (stable, dev, test, unofficial or custom)
-codename : device codename

LineageOS supported : the device and the android version for it are/was both officially supported by LineageOS, and the build has been made with official LineageOS sources. Everything should work correctly.
Testing for upgrade : the build for the device has been made with unofficial LineageOS sources to upgrade an existing /e/ official or unofficial build. Some elements might not work.
Testing for new support : the build for the device has been made with unofficial LineageOS sources to support a new device. Some elements might not work.
Official testing : builds made by the e Foundation to test a device before official support.


Upgrade of officially supported devices
Treble supported devices (GSI)
Not available anymore









Upgrade of officially supported devices

Treble supported devices (GSI)

If your device was released on Android 8.1 (Oreo) or above, you can for sure install a Generic System Image.
To check if your device is Treble supported or to know which GSI you need to install, you can use the Treble Check app (Play Store | APKMirror).
A HOWTO is also available.

A/B + ARM64 || e-pie-20200614-JoJo-treble_arm64_beN
A/B + ARM || e-pie-20200614-JoJo-treble_arm_beN
A/B + A64 || e-pie-20200614-JoJo-treble_a64_beN
Aonly + ARM64 || e-pie-20200613-JoJo-treble_arm64_aeN
Aonly + ARM || e-pie-20200614-JoJo-treble_arm_aeN
Aonly + A64 || e-pie-20200614-JoJo-treble_a64_aeN


Not available anymore

214 different codenames in total.
177 unsupported codenames.
37 supported codenames.

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The s5mini has a more recent build :slight_smile:


Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Wi-Fi (2016) ‘gts28vewifi’ is a smaller device version of the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (2016) ‘gts210vewifi’ and is supported by “The LineageOS Project” as well as the “microG Team” with LineageOS-for-microG with current 9-pie LOS 16.0 builds.

Downloaded it today and flashed it on a Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (T-815N). It works fine, thanks a lot :–)

I have a Motorola G5 (cedric, XT1676) in my drawer.
Is there maybe an unofficial build for this device available too?

If it’s not listed here or on the list of custom builds, there is no /e/ build. You can request the support for this device (there are already topics for this device in the Request a device category, just add a comment if not already done) and this way it will receive an unofficial build quicker (if it’s possible to build for it).

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Glad to see more testing builds out there! :muscle:
In the hope of seeing Kenzo (redmi note 3) on the next list, here is my feedback after trying out two unofficial LineageOS builds

for two weeks each.

The LOS 16 build for kenzo is definitely more stable and smooth.
I would happily provide more details if needed.

We are talking here about unofficial eOS builds, NOT about LOS builds.

yes, indeed. this is a follow up on an exchange I had with @Anonyme :wink:

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Ah OK, but from my site of view, it makes no sense, and this message from @Anonyme

…you will have an unofficial build for /e/ on Oreo, Pie or Q in less than 3 months.

is like fortune telling or looking into a crystal ball. There are many unofficial LOS builds for which there is no eOS version. Mit sowas werden falsche Hoffnungen erweckt. Sorry

I have updated the first post to include Nougat builds made today for the following Sony Devices

  • Xperia Z5 Compact suzuran
  • Xperia L taoshan
  • Xperia M nicki
  • Xperia Z3+ ivy
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE karin
  • Xperia Z4 Tablet WiFi karin_windy

These builds were made using the v0.12-nougat tag, so they should contain all the changes from the v0.12-nougat release even though the filename starts with e-0.11-n-...

They are completely untested, except for the Z5 Compact build which has been loaded on my device, and seems to be running OK. Use at your own risk and enjoy :slight_smile:

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As far as I am aware (as the person who made this build and has tried unsuccessfully to install and use it)

I have renamed the file on AFH as @Anonyme, please will you amend the first post to reflect this?


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I wish there were newer versions of Android supported for older devices.
I ran LineageOS 17 (Q) on my S6, making it very nice to use even today, but only Oreo is supported by E. I want to try /e/ Q on my S6 before I put in on my daily, an S10e.

It would be nice to at least see Oreo or Pie support for the S4. A lot of people still have S4s as they’re an all around great phone.

Is there a particular reason old devices have been capped, or is it just development not being prioritized?

/e/ supports over 100 devices on paper, but does not have the resources and manpower to keep these builds up to date in the same way as the LineageOS Android distribution. So we have to make do with what is there … :()

Is the LOS17 an official release? If so, then it is easy to build an unofficial Q build for /e/. If it is an unofficial LOS then it is usually still possible, but a bit more effort.

Are we talking about this device Samsung Galaxy S6?

Hello @Finn1sher, nice to make your acquaintance.

As @SuzieQ pointed out, we are unlikely to see an “official” /e/ Q for the Samsung S6 any time soon, if ever. With that being said, I would encourage you to try the unofficial build from @itsclarence, which is excellent. I am using it today. The only issue I’m having is the wifi loses connection from time to time and I have to disable/enable and it pops right back! I am not using the default phone/dialer app as the S6 (and other Samsung models) have an annoying echo issue where the other party you are speaking with hears themselves. However, I have not experienced this issue with messaging apps Telegram and Signal, which support voice communication. As it seems you are comfortable flashing ROMs, I would encourage you to try it.

Perhaps @itsclarence can be put in charge of that device for /e/ and get us “official” support one day (hint hint) :slight_smile:

Good luck to you and safe travels!

EDIT: It appears you already did! (I missed your comments in the “unofficial” thread before making this post.

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I did try @itsclarence’s ROM, yes. Thanks for the referral anyways!
Also, interesting point about official vs unofficial Lineage versions. The 17.1 rom on my S6, and probably 16 as well, were unofficial builds. It’s kind of convoluted how Lineage has official and unofficial builds, and then /e/ makes official and unofficial builds based off of those leading to many layers of ‘properness.’

And yes, Wi-Fi issues have absolutely plagued my use of Lineage over the years. Problems on my S4 running LOS 14, S6 on 16 and 17. In fact, @itsclarence’s build is probably based off of the same Lineage 17 I used before flashing /e/!

God I hope the version for the S10e isn’t known to be lazy when connecting to public networks. That would be unfortunate.